Combined Offering Expected During First Half of 2016

NEW YORK – March 3, 2016 – TravelClick, a global provider of innovative cloud-based solutions that enable hotels to grow revenue, and Duetto, a market leader in hotel and casino profit optimization technology, have joined forces to integrate TravelClick’s Demand360® data into Duetto’s GameChanger revenue strategy application to make Open Pricing an even more powerful tool in today’s complex distribution landscape. Hoteliers can further leverage Duetto’s core functionality that enables hoteliers to independently yield all segments, channels, offers and room types in real time with TravelClick’s unique insights into future demand by segment and channel.

Hotels that subscribe to TravelClick’s robust, market-leading business intelligence data, Demand360, can integrate its powerful data into Duetto’s GameChanger solution. Demand360 is the only intelligence product available to the hotel industry that provides visibility to future occupancy levels by segment and channel for a competitive set of hotels. Integrating this data seamlessly into Duetto’s solution will deliver advanced, real-time pricing recommendations to help hotels transform revenue strategy and drive more profitability. The integration is expected to be completed in the first half of 2016.

“We look forward to seeing mutual clients of TravelClick and Duetto benefitting from this important partnership,” said Greg Sheppard, Vice President, Business Intelligence Products, at TravelClick. “Duetto’s core value is in bringing powerful data sets to change how rate decisions are made, and there is no data that’s more powerful than TravelClick’s Demand360 solution. Integrating Demand360 into Duetto’s solution will not only transform hotels’ revenue management speed and accuracy, but it will also help to drive occupancy and optimize ADR.”

Patrick Bosworth, CEO and co-founder of Duetto, said, “The pace of change in today’s market demands greater flexibility and innovation to fully optimize revenue, manage distribution complexity and adapt to rapidly changing market conditions. Duetto is excited to join forces with TravelClick and integrate Demand360, an innovative and important solution, into our GameChanger application. This partnership is ultimately a win-win for customers, because combining such powerful demand data with Open Pricing enables hoteliers to stay further ahead of the curve in an increasingly competitive marketplace.”

TravelClick and Duetto hold confidentiality, security and legal policies with the highest regard. Hoteliers will only have access to data for their own properties and an aggregated view of their competitive sets. No individual competitive information will be shared.