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Kennedy Training Network Inc. (KTN) announced today the topic for Doug Kennedy’s next training webcast:

Maximizing Textual Sales & Service, which will train your team on using personalized, persuasive writing for chat, email, and in-app messages. This webcast is scheduled for Friday, May 12 from Noon – 12:40pm. REGISTER HERE

According to Doug, “The reality is that most reservations offices have become ‘contact centers,’ because most agents are spending as much time typing than talking these days.”

This KTN training webcast will help your team secure more bookings by way of personalized textual message exchanges, such as when fielding inbound email inquiries, communicating via chat, and responding to in-app platform messaging (on Expedia, AirBnB, VRBO, Booking). The webcast also trains your team on how to send personalized follow-up emails to callers who are interested but not yet ready to book.

“Many of today’s direct booking leads arrive as inbound textual messages, disguised as ‘quick questions’ about a feature, amenity or accommodation type,” says Kennedy. “Personalized responses will always stand out, building confidence and encouraging the sender to book with you vs. the countless others listed in their search results.”

Kennedy’s webcast will also encourage reservations agents to send personalized follow-ups. “Although it’s nice to have, you don’t need a sophisticated reservations CRM to use proactive follow-up as a direct booking tool. It starts with training your agents to simply say, “Let me send you our direct contact information so we can assist you in finalizing plans when you are ready…”

Doug’s monthly series of live webcast training events focus on topics related to hospitality excellence, reservations, and hotel group/event sales. In creating this series, Doug is drawing on content from his on-site training programs and conference keynote presentations, while also featuring the latest training tactics from his monthly lodging industry training articles.

Those who register but cannot attend will receive a link to view the recordings. The target audience is anyone who is interested in upskilling themselves or others, and the topic areas are broad enough to be relevant for all sectors of the lodging industry.

“We are grateful to the generosity of our sponsors who have allowed us to offer complimentary admission,” said Kennedy. “It takes a lot of time to design, promote, and deliver these events, and so we would normally charge at least $99 registration per person, but this series is now completely free to all.”

Sponsors include: Travel Outlook, the only KTN Certified call center, Better Talent, a subscription-based talent acquisition company serving the lodging sector, and Track Hospitality Software, a TravelNet Solution, whose products include a PMS and CRM.

Complimentary registration can be accessed at Here are additional topics and dates scheduled so far.


Hospitality Training: Bringing Out The Best In Others, Brings Out The Best In Ourselves
Monday, June 12 (Noon EDT)

Most guests don’t start their travel day with the intention to complain, whine, and create conflict. However, when their lofty expectations for the perfect vacation or business trip meet with the reality of today’s stressful travel experiences, we often encounter the worst side of the nicest personalities. There are two choices: be reactive and treat others the way they are treating you or flip their vibe. This webcast covers:

  • How bringing out the best in others makes work more rewarding and fun.
  • Hospitality starts in the heart of the house.
  • Creating positive first impressions that set the tone for guest experiences.
  • Nurturing empathy by better understanding guests’ travel intentions.
  • Powering up your positivity.
  • You gotta be here 40 hours a week anyway; why not make the best of it?

How Hotel Salespeople Can Proactively Generate More Revenue
Friday, July 14 (Noon EDT)

Although most hotels are experiencing a rebound, this webcast is for smart sales leaders who are always looking to generate more revenue. These days at the click of a few buttons, one buyer can send an RFP to a dozen or more properties. As a result, hotel salespeople feel spammed by inbound leads, while buyers feel spammed by generic proposals. During this webcast, Doug will address current challenges that hotel salespeople face, along with practical sales habits to overcome them to capture more business.

  • How bringing out the best in others makes work more rewarding and fun.
  • Establishing new sales habitudes for this new sales habitat.
  • You “love” your sales CRM, right? 😊 How to get it to do the three most important things a salesperson needs it to do.
  • How to manage the flood of inbound RFPs caused by the digitalization of the hotel sales process.
  • Putting the people parts back into the heart of sales processes.
  • Using a tech-for-touch approach to better connect with callers.
  • Proactive prospecting: research before you reach out.

Reservations Sales: Remember, Ring-Ring Means Cha-Ching!
Friday, August 18 (Noon EDT)

Smart revenue and marketing leaders know that despite the longstanding rumors of its demise, the voice reservations (distribution) channel is alive and thriving. Destination-type resorts, luxury properties, vacation rental agencies, and boutique hotels all know this. However, even at branded, select-service hotels, the front desk associate will tell you there are plenty of people who want to speak with someone onsite. What’s more, today’s reservation lead is often disguised as “Hi, I’m shopping online, and I just have a quick question about…” On the other side of the action, today’s reservations (and front desk) staff are often bogged down doing admin-type work, such as checking online bookings, entering rooming lists, answering in-app messages (in OTA’s), or researching payment issues. All too often, those incoming calls might feel like interruptions. In this webcast, Doug covers:

  • Phone calls are opportunities, not interruptions.
  • The four reasons why today’s pre-informed guests still call before booking online.
  • Key questions for starting conversations with online shoppers who have called so we can end the conversation with a confirmation number. (Versus losing the sale to an OTA or another company.)
  • Using a storytelling selling approach to sell the experience and not just rent beds.
  • Securing the sale: primary and secondary closing techniques.


For additional details, contact KTN at [email protected] or by phone (01) 954.533.9130