ATLANTA, GA – January 10, 2023 –CARVER, the hospitality Task Force and Executive Search powerhouse has announced two promotions, including one addition to the leadership team.

Joel Carver, Chief Executive Officer announced that Peggy Olson would be promoted to Executive Vice President, Human Resources; and Keesla Blay-Miezah will move from her current position as Director of Task Force to the newly created position of Vice President, Task Force.

In making these announcements, Carver comments “these promotions are both well-deserved and strategic.  Peggy and Keesla have been instrumental in achieving Carver’s significant COVID recovery and growth.  In addition, these promotions will allow our C-Suite team to continue their focus on growth strategy, while giving day to day executive leadership to the business development and operations teams”.

Once Keesla joined Carver, Charley Carter, Carver’s Chief Development Officer quickly saw the mentorship and potential to groom her into this role, following in her own footsteps as the company has always been rooted in Charley’s commitment to excellence and growth of both the individual and the company.  In her new role, Blay-Miezah will assume day-to-day leadership of the Task Force Operations, Business Development and Recruiting Teams.  Peggy Olson will continue to serve as Managing Director for the executive search arm of Carver, as well as support the corporate recruiting and human resources functional areas.

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