From happier guests and staff to higher revenue, here’s how a small mindset shift can ensure big gains across the board for modern hoteliers.

The hospitality industry has entered a new era, one characterized by the innovative use of spaces and hyper-personalized services that have transformed the way we stay and experience places. Gone are the days of bland services and generic stays – a new generation of tech-savvy experience seekers has taken center stage.

These modern travelers demand unique and engaging experiences, and they expect hotel staff to provide them. As the world of hospitality evolves, it’s crucial for hoteliers to adapt and embrace change to thrive in this dynamic landscape.

The true cost of refusing to change

In today’s fast-paced world, modern hoteliers understand that sticking to a static strategy or business model, even if it has been profitable in the past, will not lead to sustained profitability. The key to success is to constantly survey and react to the ever-changing hospitality landscape. Refusing to change is not an option – it will only hinder progress and let your competitors race ahead of you. Modern hoteliers are willing to embrace change because they recognize that it’s the path to growth and prosperity.

Hotelier personas: the key to unlocking better performance

Hoteliers are well-acquainted with the concept of guest personas, but what about hotelier personas? These personas are a valuable tool that can provide fresh perspectives and, ultimately, boost revenue. By recognizing and adopting different hotelier personas, hotel operators can gain a deeper understanding of their guests, foster genuine connections within the local community, and see their hotel spaces in a new light. Let’s dive into these modern hotelier personas and discover the innovative mindsets behind them and the significant benefits they bring.

Curator: pioneering unique experiences

The Curator persona is all about offering exciting, novel experiences to guests. These hoteliers actively seek out local partnerships and are open to integrating new upselling strategies, all while approaching their work with creativity and a willingness to experiment. They go beyond the traditional expectations of a hotel, aiming to surprise and delight their guests.

For instance, Birch, named Hotel of the Year 2020 by the Sunday Times, offers a rich selection of daily activities for its members and guests, from sound baths to nature walks, pushing the boundaries of wellness and bringing hybrid hospitality to a whole new level.

Designer: creating engaging spaces

Hoteliers adopting the Designer persona are masters at crafting multi-purpose spaces that facilitate social interactions and genuine connections among guests. These spaces are designed to be personal, social, and flexible, fostering a sense of community. Designers follow data closely to track the performance of these spaces.

Take JO&JOE, for example, where they leverage rooftop spaces to throw unforgettable parties, combining breathtaking views, delectable cuisine and popular DJs to create an unmatched rooftop experience.

Neighbor: bridging the gap between guests and locals

The Neighbor persona focuses on building an authentic and active community that bridges the gap between guests and locals. These hoteliers engage in informal conversations with guests to understand their needs and preferences, thereby staying responsive to their desires. These chats can help validate or invalidate proposed solutions, saving hoteliers time and money.

Locals may not need a place to sleep, but they might be interested in services like parking spaces, bike rentals, spa facilities, or lunch deals. Neighbors play a crucial role in identifying and meeting this demand, leading to significant revenue generation.

Trailblazer: embracing efficiency and automation

Trailblazers ensure the success of their hotels by embracing modern, efficient, and automated processes. They recognize that the future of the hospitality industry lies in adopting the right technology and streamlining operations. By combining existing roles, they add flexibility to their teams and motivate them to pursue excellence.

The Social Hub, for example, is working with Mews to design a tech stack that runs various spaces across different products and time spans, creating a single operational management system. Currently, they offer 350 co-working spaces in one property, showcasing the power of modernization.

Reimagine your hotel spaces

Once you’ve identified the hotelier persona that resonates most with you and your business, you’ll unlock a powerful mindset shift that allows you to view your hotel spaces through the eyes of your staff, guests, and drop-in visitors. This will enable you to reimagine your hotel spaces and position yourself among the top performers in the hospitality industry.

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