This new online RFP Management solution streamlines the research and evaluation cycle of software, hardware and services for technology buyers from the golf, hotel and restaurant industries

Bradenton, FL – Capsolve is releasing its launch version of a new digital RFP Management service.  This online solution is designed to address the detractors that may occur during a vendor evaluation for either the buyer or seller of software, hardware or services.

Capsolve encapsulated its evaluation knowledge into a collaborative, digital experience that facilitates and streamlines the RFP and Evaluation process.  Restaurants, Golf & Country Clubs, Hotels and Corporations now have a tool to rapidly create an RFP survey based on Capsolve’s pre-defined questions.  They may create their custom RFP in minutes and invite vendors to submit responses who are then able to respond with speed, accuracy and consistency.

The online service is designed to handle the evaluation cycle of nearly any type of technology product or service-based solution and address the interests of each party involved in the RFP.  Evaluations may be managed by the Buyer or a Consultant, all within a secure environment.  Vendors now have a means to organize their response and reply to a request quickly and efficiently.

The classic and cautionary tales of RFP and Evaluation efforts are finally solved.  The Buyer is able to match their business requirements to features, compare one or more vendors against these needs, collaborate across their team, and perform the proper due diligence on each invited vendor and their respective solution.  Similarly, Vendors are able to communicate the value of their company and products and collaborate with the prospect’s organization, all while significantly reducing their time to respond.

“Capsolve’s goal is to provide a simple, yet flexible tool to accommodate the complex solution evaluation and integration needs that arise across our core industries”, stated Tim Henthorn, Capsolve’s CEO.  “Capsolve now aims to address its clients’ pressing evaluation needs and combine this excellent foundation with its powerful research, covering nearly every Marketing, Operational and Technology category.”