Bradenton, FL – Capsolve announces an update to its research for the Property Management System (PMS) category.  The 20 report research series allows our core industries to understand the global technologies that exist to facilitate their success. The report for the PMS category is based on analysis of numerous vendors of all sizes and is classified as a Super category due to the number of vendors it contains.  The research identified four primary styles based on the vendors’ combination of a PMS solution with other core hospitality systems, such as a CRS or POS.

Numerous countries had at least one vendor headquartered within their borders.  The dispersion across countries was found to be High.  The United States, France and Spain led with the most vendor headquarters representing nearly 30% of the vendor community for this category.

As it relates to buyers of PMS software, the needs most serviceable with the vendors’ software products include managing Rooms, Rates, Reservations and an Internet Booking Engine as part of the combined product set with more information shared in the report.  The products in this category are designed for hotels, vacation rentals and property portfolios of all types and provide a wealth of features to address property functionality and distribution needs across the accommodation industry.  Capsolve defines the requirements complexity level of this category as Medium.

An introduction to this research in the form of a Market Summary is accessible to the whole industry online at  Our category classification system is also explained for your reference.  If more information is needed, you may find a comprehensive view of the category research in the full version of the report as part of Capsolve’s Introductory Research Plan.