The Contact Group Provides Unique Solution for Internal and External Communications

(VIRGINIA BEACH, VA) –March 26, 2020—The Contact Group, the  leader in innovative phone-based and online communications solutions, will facilitate a member wide teleconference for C.A.R.E.the Cooperative Association of Resort Exchangers on April 6, 2020.

When C.A.R.E. was forced to cancel its annual conference in Philadelphia due to the COVID-19 shutdown, many of its 106 members asked how they could replace the C.A.R.E. annual “Meet the Members” session.  During this popular roll call, members share resort inventory availability and requirements amongst each other.

To save this vibrant C.A.R.E. session, in steps David Costenbader of The Contact Group (TCG).

“Our unique solution is perfect for internal and external communications, no matter the size, with both audio and audiovisual session options. We also offer the ability to host multiple speakers (in any  location) and seamlessly hold a moderated Q&A during the session,” said David Costenbader, Founder and CEO of The Contact Group.  “When we found out that C.A.R.E. could not meet in person as planned, we offered them our near-effortless solution.”

For the C.A.R.E. “Meet the Members” session, The Contact Group—in partnership with its technology partner Broadnet—will support the organization with a unique teleconferencing solution, “Total Teleconference.” Total Teleconference enables a two-way conversation between a host and audience on various devices, allowing both hosts and participants to communicate with each other no matter the size of the audience.  The platform is particularly engaging and effective because it dials out to every member registered for the event.  This creates a stronger participation rate.  Because the event will be controlled both by C.A.R.E. leadership, as well as  a professional moderator,  accurate conveyance of information and concerns will be properly addressed.

Linda Mayhugh, President of C.A.R.E. saidWe may not be able to gather together for our annual conference.   That doesn’t mean we can’t communicate.  Instead of traveling to Philadelphia this year, we are enthusiastic about the unique opportunity presented to us by The Contact Group. We are grateful to our friends at CustomerCount® for helping to make this happen and also for The Contact Group’s gracious support of our non-profit organization.”

Costenbader adds “Our teleconferencing solution is a perfect remote engagement strategy during these times.  Associations, Resort Developers, HOAs– all can benefit from our engagement marketing  savvy and one-to-many phone technology that is accessible by any device.   Our clients also choose us because of  our large capacity and ability produce a return on their objectives of effective communication and genuine conversations with their audience. They know that getting out in front of a crisis situation and presenting themselves as a trusted source benefits them as well as  their target market.  During this evolving business environment, TCG is taking the pro-active steps of adding resources, waiving Set Up fees and offering new clients 20% off their first event.  We want to be part of the solution, allowing affected businesses to weather this storm and get back up sooner than later.”

While The Contact Group has seen major success in the  political and non-profit sectors, the C.A.R.E. event will be one of the first of its projects within the hospitality industry. For more information  contact David Costenbader 703-725-8608.