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Metasearch, Managed

Vertical Booking | March 12, 2019

By Mark Lewis-Brown, CEO & President at Vertical Booking USA Travelers love the metasearch channels; they pull all of the available prices from the different online sites into a single list of search results, easily sorted and easily booked. They spend less time searching and are more likely to find the best possible rate for their stay. What's not to love?! While I know hotels appreciate the bookings that they can get through the metasearch sites, the channel can create lots of headaches for a hotel's staff, especially those on the reservations team. Even still, metasearch is a very important channel for all hotels – no matte...

How Can Your Independent Hotel Compete With Group Hotels?

Hotelogix | March 12, 2019

Staying competitive is key to success. In the hotel industry, small independent hotels always have to compete with bigger brands or chain properties to attract guests, sell more rooms and to earn more revenues. The question here is that with their limited budget and reach, how can independent hotels beat their bigger rivals? What's in your favour? Given their limited number of rooms and offerings and not bound by any legacy or brand guidelines, independent hotels have the liberty to get creative when it comes to attract and serve more guests. They have the freedom of flexibility to make on-the-spot changes in their policies to offer per...

TripAdvisor and Google Going Opposite Directions?

Swell Hotel Marketing | January 8, 2018

Metasearch has been a trendy topic lately in one way or another. First, with the constant reports of TripAdvisor's Instant book disaster or that Google wants to take over the travel industry with their recent changes or even shifting their budget from performance marketing (Google Ads and mainly metasearch) towards TV ads. TripAdvisor, as you all know, is the biggest travel website there is, with over 450 million monthly visitors. A few years back, TripAdvisor decided to become a price comparison website – displaying prices for individual hotels from online travel agencies, hotel chains and even independent hotels. For...

Metasearch OTA Channels

Siteminder | January 24, 2014

The Who, What, Why and How of the Newest (and Potentially, Most Lucrative) Online Distribution Channel Online travel agencies (OTAs) are a vital part of the supply chain and have been largely responsible for the rapid growth in online travel bookings across both mature and emerging markets. While the online channel has been a beneficial one for hotels, it has also placed a strain on budgets due to increased distribution costs (caused by high OTA commissions). In recent years, new online channels have been created with the intention of lowering hotels' distribution costs, without negatively effecting occupancy. Some have been success...

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