TORONTO – March 3, 2022 – As travelers dust off their passports and prepare for 2022 travels, the insiders at Travel Edge, the North American leader in luxury travel, have compiled data and insights that showcase the trends their advisors are seeing for spring 2022 and beyond

“As we look forward to a promising year in travel, our Travel Edge Network insiders have noted major spring travel trends that will impact the industry,” states Nadiya Makarenko, senior vice president of Travel Edge Network. “Most notably, these trends include a refocus for bucket-list trips, the evolution of workcations and bleisure travel, extended trips and wellness getaways.  With these valuable insights, Travel Edge Network Advisors will be better prepared for travels exciting rebound with strategic client data and trends making them best in class; in addition to ADX technology to create custom itineraries based on every need and desire of the ever evolving travel experience”.

Refocusing Bucket List Trips

According to Travel Edge, travelers are reevaluating and actioning their bucket list trips, such as safaris in Africa to witness seasonal migration, long-stay European trips combining city and countryside, and polar expeditions. Beyond the destination alone, travelers want to ensure they are being immersed in the five senses of a destination while being mindful of locals and their livelihood.

“Bucket list travel is here to stay, but with renewed perspective and intention. The pandemic reminded many of life’s uncertainties, causing a mass refocus on travel goals and an intent to make those dreams a reality,” Makarenko weighs in. “Bucket list trips are no longer aspirational goals to simply dream about. We are seeing travelers seek a sense of fulfillment by reaching out to our advisors to actually book these trips with a ‘now or never’ mentality. They are making it happen

Furthermore, COVID-19 has encouraged careful consideration regarding what a bucket list trip looks like.

“There are noticeable shifts in these types of trips compared to interest pre-pandemic,” continued Makarenko. “Since travel has opened back up and continues to expand, we’ve seen more interest in extended domestic vacations to see the best of the United States, including New York City, Hawaii, the California coast and state parks.”

The Evolution of The Workcation 

Due to flexible work styles, Travel Edge notes an increase in interest for workcations and bleisure trips by over 25 percent compared to recent years. Travel Edge professionals are witnessing longer stays in urban hubs, including long-haul trips to Europe and South America. The duration of these trips has tripled within the last three years as the majority of long-haul travelers now last for 10 or more days.

Travel Edge professionals see this trend extending beyond business travelers. Families are finding mixing business with leisure travel as a popular way to reconnect after years apart. These travelers are requiring varied offerings to meet their new long-stay travel needs, such as more spacious accommodations or amenities.

“To meet the demand of both bleisure and family travelers, hotel partners are introducing new room types focused on longer stays,” said Makarenko. “These room types are offered in a variety of price ranges, characterized by apartment elements that allow for long-stay comfort.”


On The Rise: Extended Stays and Wellness Getaways

Travel Edge notes that interest in robust wellness programs continues to rise beyond a hotel’s spa and fitness club walls. Wellness now blurs the lines with other elements of travel such as food, design and retail, as well as extends beyond physical and mental wellness to a renewed sense of self-awareness and self-love.

“The Self Love movement is on an uptick, and we see this through many aspects of lifestyle beyond just health and fitness,” noted Makarenko. “We’re noticing a recentering among travelers who, in years past, may have been more focused on traveling for the ‘Gram, so to speak. There is a refocused intention on what it means to be mindful and present outside of a cell phone app, not only for relationships but also for oneself.”

Travel Edge insiders note they are seeing young and middle-aged professionals seek longer stays in destinations, as well as prioritizing properties that focus on small-scale wellness and serenity.

“We are noticing a rise in popularity among mini wellness experiences,” said Makarenko. “We’re seeing properties offer more mini gyms and gym equipment in select room types, bringing wellness directly to the consumer. Our clients respond well to these wellness amenities such as tea upon arrival or small-scale green spaces in under-utilized spaces for meditation and relaxation.”