Luxurious Vietnamese hotel deploys Nomadix solution to increase bandwidth, streamline management and control, and improve the overall user experience.

AGOURA HILLS, Calif. – September 10, 2019 – Nomadix, Inc., a provider of guest-facing cloud-managed network edge devices, has announced the successful implementation of its industry-leading Wi-Fi solution at the Sofitel Saigon Plaza (SSP). The 5-star hotel, located in a quiet enclave of Vietnam’s Ho Chi Minh City, features 286 luxurious guest rooms and suites in addition to several restaurants and meeting spaces.

To better manage guest Wi-Fi access, Sofitel Saigon Plaza management sought a solution that could support more than 1,000 simultaneous devices, as well as offer greater bandwidth management and control to improve the overall guest experience. Previously, SSP had been using a gateway that was incapable of supporting such a large number of devices accessing the network at once. The existing gateway was also unreliable, resulting in slower connections, drops in service, and did not always provide access to the guest log-in page. The lack of seamless integration with the hotel’s PMS led to more work for employees. Therefore, the most important factors when choosing a new solution were greater reliability, more features and the ability to easily integrate with existing technology.

To resolve these issues, the Sofitel Saigon Plaza enlisted their internet service provider (ISP) NetNam to provide a recommendation. As the top ISP in Vietnam, NetNam has built a number of relationships with technology solution providers over the years, but one of their longest business relationships in the hospitality industry has been with Nomadix. As a trusted partner, Nomadix has worked with NetNam for more than 10 years to provide hotels with the tools they need to successfully manage guest internet access. It was with great confidence that NetNam recommended that SSP choose a Nomadix gateway.

“We have worked with Nomadix for many years and have long entrusted them with providing secure, reliable solutions that enhance the quality of our internet services,” said An Nguyen, System Integration & Wide Area Network Manager for NetNam Corporation.“The Nomadix gateway used at the Sofitel Saigon Plaza is just one more example of this.”

The Nomadix AG 5900 that was implemented at the property easily integrated with the SSP’s PMS, Opera, to enable the hotel to collect guest information and classify users into the correct tier. It also integrated with a number of other existing technologies, including NetNam’s software, which SSP uses to monitor the system, establish policies for different areas of the network and customize internet packages. This seamless integration ensured a smooth transition with no downtime.

One of the AG 5900’s most important features for the implementation at SSP is a customizable log-in page for all guests accessing the visitor network. The log-in page serves a number of functions. From a technical standpoint, it allows the hotel IT staff to define, limit and monitor users/devices accessing the network so bandwidth is distributed fairly. SSP can also segment VIP/Club members from standard guests to provide different levels of access. From a marketing standpoint, the log-in page can be customized with a warm welcome greeting for each guest. It also affords both SSP and its partners with promotional campaign opportunities that reach every guest who logs in to the visitor network.

The Nomadix gateway has had a significant impact on the satisfaction of SSP’s guests. Strong bandwidth management tools and increased visibility into internet traffic patterns have led to better optimization of existing bandwidth. This means guests can simultaneously use their laptops, tablets, smart phones and other mobile devices to access the network. The reliability of the gateway has provided a stable connection and minimized downtime. All of these improvements have resulted in a superior internet experience – one that meets the expectations of guests staying at a 5-star hotel.

“The Nomadix gateway has provided good stability for our guest network and the ability to connect up to 2,000 users at the same time,” said Tuoi Nguyen, IT Manager at the Sofitel Saigon Plaza.“We couldn’t have asked for a better solution for managing our internet access.”

With its ease of use, the AG 5900 has enabled hotel IT staff to focus their attention on other tasks, while its reliability has increased guest satisfaction. The powerful log-in page has provided an additional source of revenue for the hotel thanks to tiered pricing and the ability to create promotional campaigns.

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