OpenTravel is accepting hackathon submissions until April 8

AUSTIN, TEXAS, USA (March 27, 2018) — OpenTravel Alliance (OpenTravel) is hosting a series of virtual hackathons, with the first taking place now. Register and submit your web-based application until April 8, 2018. The online event, sponsored by LinksRez, is designed to enhance the experience of the connected travel consumer. The challenge includes creating a web-based application that enhances the connected consumer’s travel experience in a unique way, utilizing at least one of the provided APIs that implement OpenTravel messaging. API providers include: LinksRez, IATA and MASAI Mobility Community (M2C) and encompasses travel verticals including hotel, car rental, ground transportation, air and golf. Open Travel is the source for the most adopted, cross-industry technology standards that enable business solutions driven by the travel community. “Our virtual hackathons create opportunities to build solutions around OpenTravel standards,” said OpenTravel CEO Mike Tinkey. “We encourage developers to be creative and innovative. We look forward to seeing what new insights this year’s events bring.” The OTA virtual hackathon will feature five judges who will judge the applications based on originality, technical merit, presentation skill and how well the project addresses the hackathon challenge. Along with cash prizes the winners of the virtual hackathon will have the opportunity to have their applications presented at the OpenTravel Advisory Forum in Amsterdam next month. If you are interested in providing your APIs which use OpenTravel messaging, or in sponsoring a future event, please email OpenTravel Director of Specifications Sandy Angel at [email protected] for more information. Click here to register for the event.