The innovative mobile key hospitality technology provider Lock Up, is announcing a strategic re-branding to STAYmyway to better reflect its platform’s multi-faceted ability to help hoteliers engage with guests and deliver an enhanced stay through their own mobile devices. Hotels delivering an integrated mobile key guest amenity through their mobile app, enjoy download rates that are up to 400% higher than industry standard low mobile app engagement levels. Most importantly, STAYmyway offers hoteliers a cost effective and scalable solution partner to add mobile key functionality without replacing existing locks. Hotels can choose to upgrade their own existing mobile app or use the turn-key STAYmyway app for the guests.

Guests who download the STAYmyway app can engage with each hotel where they stay in as if it were a dedicated app. While guests can now efficiently and securely open the hotel room door with their phones, they can also use the STAYmyway app to check in and out, and even initiate a direct chat with the hotel. “The STAYmyway brand expresses the realization of the potential to improve the guest stay beyond just a mobile key,” said Luis Segredo an investor and advisor.

STAYmyway has been experiencing increasing demand in the hotel and vacation rental markets. STAYmyway is the only mobile key solution that can serve both markets. Serving hotels and vacation rental markets allows STAYmyway to bring technological and process innovations to each from the other industry. The result is the new STAYmyway app which is available for iOS and Android and is compatible with a wide range of industry standard door locks.

The new corporate identity and website will better communicate the value proposition to, hoteliers, property owners and the guests who will ultimately use the mobile app. “Guests can choose to use more or less mobile automation to stay their way,” said Faustino Fernandez, CEO of STAYmyway. “The new branding positions STAYmyway to capitalize on an incredible opportunity in hotels and vacation rentals.”