myDigitalOffice & Knowingli market research shows a growing appetite for travel and confident in hotels to keep them safe

Bethesda, MDmyDigitalOffice today announces the results of a travel sentiment survey, performed with Knowingli, a market intelligence firm. As we cautiously enter 2021, the question on seemingly everyone’s mind is: What’s next?

Throughout 2020, the coronavirus pandemic aptly disrupted any fiscal predictions experts had for their respective industries, and hospitality was left in a notably precarious position. As communities around the world came to a collective standstill, the prospect of travel did as well. The pandemic shook our world but, in its wake, our need to experience the world and broaden our professional connections remains. To get a pulse of current and future travel demand and trends, we surveyed respondents in each age demographic across the United States, Canada, and beyond.

Looking comparatively at pre-pandemic and post-pandemic behaviors, we are able to discern a cautiously optimistic view of the 2021 travel landscape. The survey explores many topics, including: recovery in business vs. leisure segments, traveler comfort with airlines and hotels, what features travelers are looking for, and how COVID-19 has affected rented accommodations like AirBnb. 

Report highlights:

  • 94.5% of respondents plan to travel again in 2021 
  • 37.28% of respondents plan to stay in a hotel once or twice per quarter
  • One of the most important features to travelers in 2021 is free cancellations. 59.76% of respondents listed this as ‘Extremely Important’
  • The survey indicates that rented accommodations are less desirable to travelers in 2021 with 45.56% saying they will not stay in a rented accommodation this year
  • 76.97% of respondents prefer luxury to economy hotels and 65.79% prefer brands
  • A vaccine is the unanimous vote of confidence, with 100% of respondents noting that when it comes to confidence, a vaccine is the missing piece of the puzzle.

Read the full report here: