Milan, 13 July 2023— On July 1, 2023 the Borghese Contemporary Hotel – a 4-star in the heart of Rome, officially opened. Located in an elegant historic Roman building, in front of the Palazzo Borghese, the hotel is the third structure of the established Mascagni Collection hotel group, in addition to the Mascagni Hotel and the Mascagni Luxury Rooms. The refined and functional hotel takes guests on a journey through art and design in the Roman hospitality scene.

Owned by the Roman Piperno Family, the Borghese Contemporary Hotel’s opening consolidates their experience in the hospitality field, a family business launched in 1973 and carried on by the Romeo and Guglielmo Piperno twin Brothers.

“ The opening of this third hotel follows the demand of receptive structures in the capital, at a time of a tourist boom. Rome is a city that welcomes people from all over the world, both tourists and businessmen. With the Borghese Contemporary Hotel, we wanted to meet the demand of the Roman tourist market with increasingly luxurious and sophisticated structures”, the owner, Guglielmo Piperno, states.

The Borghese Contemporary Hotel was founded as a Roman lounge for a predominantly bleisure (business + leisure) clientele, with the objective of making the guest at home by offering them a luxurious private residence.

Located in Largo della Fontanella di Borghese, in front of the Palazzo Borghese, overlooking via della Lupa, via della Torretta and Vicolo della Torretta, the Borghese Contemporary Hotel is at a strategical location, in the heart of Rome, a few minutes’ walk from iconic monuments such as the Ara Pacis, the famous shopping street Via Condotti, the nearby Piazza di Spagna and the majestic Pantheon.

The structure’s name, design and atmosphere of the Borghese Contemporary Hotel want to recall the history of the magnificent city of Rome, combined with passion for modern and contemporary art which since ever represents the Piperno Family.

As the owner, Romeo Piperno, highlights: “ In the name “ContemporARy HoTel” we find the word ART to stress its importance as it guides our guest through colours, materials, decorations in a mix of tradition and modernity.”

The Borghese Contemporary Hotel’s 24 rooms tell the typical elements of ancient Rome. On the walls are timeless volumetric landscapes, contemporary reinterpretations of classical architecture, but also references to Giorgio De Chirico’s Metaphysics. The upholstery is reminiscent of Roman triclinia and the marble washbasins in the rooms recall the Roman Domus and the famous ‘Nasoni’ fountains in the streets of the capital. The colours and materials also recall Romanity, with the use of velvet, marble and travertine for the floors and walls, in warm shades of burgundy, dark green, beige and red. The textured plasters on the walls emphasise the compact volumes and the earth colours used recall the colours of the city’s buildings.

Special attention was paid to the design of the spaces, especially to their division in relation to the original morphology of the building. Smaller rooms were eliminated to give more space to more spacious rooms and suites. The volumes of the bathroom, although perfectly capable of dialoguing with the entire atmosphere of the room, are detached from the walls and ceiling by shutters that emphasise their “box within a box” nature.