Complimentary Registration Courtesy of Travel Outlook, Better Talent, and Track Hospitality Software

Kennedy Training Network Inc. (KTN) just announced the launch of a monthly series of live webcast training events focusing on topics related to hospitality excellence, reservations, and sales. Webcasts, which will be presented personally by KTN President Doug Kennedy, will run 30 minutes in duration. Those who register but cannot attend will receive a link to view the recordings.

Doug will draw content from all KTN hospitality, reservations, and sales training programs, and will also feature the latest training concepts from his monthly lodging industry training articles, blogs, and conference presentations.

The target audience is anyone who is interested in upskilling themselves or others, and the topic areas are broad enough to be relevant for all sectors of the lodging industry.

“We are grateful to the generosity of our sponsors who have allowed us to offer complimentary admission,” said Kennedy. “It takes a lot of time to design, promote, and deliver these events, and so we would normally charge at least $99 registration, but this series is now completely free to all.”

Sponsors include: Travel Outlook, the only KTN Certified call center, Better Talent, a subscription-based talent acquisition company serving the lodging sector, and Track Hospitality Software, a TravelNet Solution, whose products include a PMS and CRM.

Complimentary registration can be accessed at

Here are the topics and dates for the first three events, all of which will start at 12:00pm EDT.

The Four Pillars of Heartfelt Hospitality

Thursday, March 16

Of course, the “demonstrative communications essentials” are important and will be covered in future webcasts, but these pillars ensure that your guests experience heartfelt hospitality and not “scripted politeness.”

•  Hospitality means caring about as well as caring for our guests.

•  Bringing out the best in others brings out the best in ourselves. Make it your job to “flip the vibe” and to blast out 5-G Positivity.

•  Using your “power of release” when encountering negative guest “bullies” so we can move back into the headspace of hospitality.

•  The road to hospitality excellence is a joy ride! Power up your attitude before you punch in for work.

The Top 5 Reservations Sales Questions Should Be Asking Today’s Pre-Informed Callers

Monday, April 17

These days, most reservations inquiries are often disguised as “I just have a quick question about…” Rather than simply answering simple questions, and thus sending callers back online to book, possibly at a costly OTA, these questions help your team engage callers in conversations that routinely end with confirmation numbers.

•  Today’s callers are pre-informed, having visited numerous websites. So, the key is to ask more and better questions to determine what it is they need to hear in order to commit.

•  Updated versions of old-school questions for determining familiarity and reason for travel.

•  A simple question for engaging those who are shopping on OTAs.

•  A key question that opens the door to selling the overall experience before you quote rates.

•  How to secure the sale, overcome resistance, and proactively follow up if they are not quite ready.

Maximizing Sales & Service Via Textual Communications (Email, Chat, and In-App Messaging)

Friday, May 12

Doug trains your team how to convey heartfelt hospitality when communicating in writing, but also to secure more bookings by way of the often-overlooked “channel” of textual communications. Participants will learn to recognize that many leads are disguised as “I just have a quick question about…”  When the staff knows how to better “read between the lines,” they will then recognize and capitalize on sales opportunities that occur when:

•  Responding to direct email questions and inquiries as in [email protected].

•  Answering messages on OTA platforms (Airbnb, VRBO, Expedia,

•  Corresponding with guests during “chat” exchanges.

•  Using email as a proactive follow-up tool when callers are not yet ready to commit.

•  Reach out to further discover the needs. Planners will respect salespeople who call or email intelligent “investigative” questions, so long as they are not annoying “textbook” questions such as “Walk me through your ideal meeting.”

•  How to follow up in the “sweet spot” between tenacious and tacky and to be persistent but not pushy.

•  Easy ways to use a “tech for touch” to put people back into sales process throughout the sales cycle.

For additional details, contact KTN at [email protected] or by phone (01) 954.533.9130