Hoteliers and association leaders hail the services of Electro-Media Design and Founder/President Jeff Loether in celebration of its Silver Anniversary

[Gaithersburg, Md.—November 18, 2015]—Hotel companies, developers, asset managers, architects, interior designers, construction managers and contractors looking for consultation in AudioVisual and Acoustical Services would be well advised to partner with a company that has been leading the way for the last 25 years. Electro-Media Design Ltd. (EMD), known industrywide for its AudioVisual Systems Design and Acoustical Consulting Practice, is celebrating its Silver Anniversary, and with 800+ global projects under its belt, hospitality’s “Who’s Who” are hailing the company’s services.

“The meetings business is on the rise; despite advances in technology, face-to-face meetings will never go away,” said TJ Fimmano, President of the International Association of Conference Centres (IACC), Americas Chapter. “As the conference market continues to grow—we are seeing steady renovation projects across the U.S. and numerous new-construction ventures in Europe and Asia—we refer companies looking for AV and acoustical guidance to Electro-Media Design. IACC has had a successful track record working with EMD and its Founder and President Jeff Loether for 20-plus years. Jeff worked with a team of experts to develop the ‘Design for Great Technology’ standards for IACC, and he also served on the quality standards committee.

“Jeff Loether and Electro-Media Design are improving the world one meeting at a time.” Sean Anderson, Sodexo Conferencing

Everything you need to know about AudioVisual and entertainment design—including architectural and environmental acoustics—can be professionally conceptualized by Jeff Loether and his team,” Fimmano said. “Hotel companies that don’t work with EMD will end up spending double—or even quadruple—their investment because they will eventually need to readjust and retrofit their plans to remain competitive. EMD will design the space needed to keep a facility current and future proof. The team is reputable, smart and current, as Jeff Loether is always looking towards the future. His integrity is beyond reproach, and he is passionate about the technology he specs into a design.”

According to the IACC’s 2015 Trends® in the Conference Center Industry report, there appears to be no slowing with regard to demand among this hospitality segment. As such, meeting planners will be looking for facilities with best practices to host future events. Before embarking on any new build or renovation project, Fimmano said it’s smart business to consult with an expert such as EMD before investing in any audio, video, control, and related presentation, entertainment, and communications technologies.

Andrea Belfanti, executive director of the International Society of Hospitality Consultants (ISHC) concurred with Fimmano, saying that prior to starting any upgrade, renovation or new construction project in the meetings and event space, she highly suggests that facility managers check references and hire the only consultants who are the “best of the best.” Putting project teams in place before a plan is executed will save money and produce the best results, she said.

“Their efforts resulted in significant savings and increased revenues for our entire portfolio.” Bruce Green, Lowes hotels

“Today’s hotel companies are focused on making investments that are thoughtful and smart," Belfanti said. "The name of the game is achieving a significant ROI, not an ROE—-return on ego. It isn’t enough to just have the most lavish ballroom. To capture the marketshare that is needed in this competitive hospitality segment, someone needs to see the bigger picture and think behind the scenes. Unfortunately, not all owners, operators, architects or designers have the comprehensive skill set to understand every aspect of the event business. It often takes a specialist to fully comprehend and orchestrate the contrasting needs of meeting planners, AV companies, support staff and facility engineers all while keeping the property’s sustainability practices in play. Bringing in a third party like Jeff Loether and Electro-Media Design can ensure that rooms do more than just look good but also meet the needs of all parties involved.

“ISHC is a 'by invitation only' professional society, and our mission is to be ‘the leading source for global hospitality expertise,'” Belfanti added. “As a long time member, Jeff is a great example of this. We would like to congratulate Jeff and Electro-Media Design on their 25th Anniversary.”

Setting Brand Standards, Best Practices Loether established Electro-Media Design in 1990 and has overseen the production of hundreds of designs created by senior team engineers Bob Hendricks, senior managing consultant specializing in AudioVisual technology; Luis-Eduardo Soares, principal consultant skilled in Acoustics; and Eric Bracht, senior consultant with expertise in AudioVisual Operations. He authored—and continuously updates—the Master Design Standards for Marriott International and supplemental audiovisual and acoustical “best practices” books that are used to guide the efforts of architects and developers for all Marriott lodging products. Loether also developed the Master Design Standards for Fairmont Hotels & Resorts, Loews Hotels, Ritz Carlton Hotels & Resorts, and Raffles Hotels & Resorts, and has contributed to the master design standards for Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts. His unique perspective led Loether to conceptually develop many new products and design approaches, frequently converging technology elements from various systems to enhance functionality, reduce system complexity and cost, and improve reliability.

In 2003, Loether was inducted into the International Society of Hospitality Consultants (ISHC) in recognition of his accomplishments. His contribution to the hospitality industry is acknowledged in many trade publications as an expert and contributor, and he teaches workshops for industry trade associations, including the International Communication Industries Assn. where he is an Adjunct Instructor. Loether is a contributing author in the International Communication Industry Association’s recently published book on “AudioVisual Best Practices” regarding the process of developing quality audiovisual systems. He serves as the Technology Partner to the IACC and teaches various classes and workshops for that organization as well. Recognizing his contribution to the industry, IACC presented Jeff with The Pyramid Award for Excellence in Education.

Hospitality Leaders Offer Kudos In honor of EMD’s 25th Anniversary, hospitality leaders offer their congratulations to Jeff Loether and his team.

"For the past two decades, Electro-Media Design has been our source for authoritative, unbiased design information for hospitality AV and acoustics,” said Paul Sweeney, director of technical services, Marriott International. “EMD's passion for excellence combined with their depth of experience with AV design, construction and operations benefits our Brands throughout the world."

"Electro-Media hit a home run for Loews Hotels regarding our AudioVisual operations,” said Bruce Green, corporate director of purchasing, Loews Hotels. “Their efforts resulted in significant savings and increased revenues for our entire portfolio. They understand the AV business inside and out, and balanced the needs and interests of everyone involved. We highly recommend Electro-Media Design to anyone looking for improved service and profitability in their hotel's AV departments."

“Jeff Loether and Electro-Media are improving the world one meeting at a time,” said Sean Anderson, vice president of operations, Sodexo Conferencing. “Today's business world is all about effective and productive meetingscollaboration for breakthrough thinking, solutions and growth. These environments need to be supported by expert audiovisual technology design, and no one does that better than EMD. Proud to be their partner for 20 years.”

"Jeff is the most knowledgeable and personable AudioVisual designer I have ever worked with and there have been a few,” said Donald Noveau, director of pre-construction services, Jonathan Nehmer+ Associates Inc. “He literally wrote the book on effective audio systems for hospitality AV systems. He really knows how to 'rock the house'!"

“Living in Dubai, I have been responsible for large mixed use real estate development projects throughout the middle east,” said Lee Tabler, former founding CEO for the Tourism Development & Investment Co. “These projects include destination resorts, urban mixed use hotels and conference centers as well as large corporate facilities. For more than 20 years, Jeff Loether and Electro-Media Design have been instrumental in establishing successful, profitable new projects and have been extraordinarily reliable AV and Acoustics professionals. Jeff is the most knowledgeable and personable AudioVisual designer I have ever worked with, and there have been a few. He literally wrote the book on effective audio systems for hospitality AV systems. He knows how to deal with clients from a variety of cultures from around the world and has established himself with a global reputation.”

“I have known and had the pleasure of working with Jeff Loether for many years, and can recommend retaining his firm for AudioVisual services without hesitation,” said Pasquale Camuso, member of American Institute of Architects and former VP of Global Design, Marriott International. “The focus of EMD is systems design and documentation suitable for competitive bidding, and the fact that they are celebrating their 25th year is a strong testament to their expertise and professional work ethic. Retain them, and you will not be disappointed.”

Electro-Media Design consulting services include (but are not limited to):

  • AudioVisual Event and Entertainment Design Consulting
  • Architectural Acoustics / Environmental Acoustics / Noise & Vibration Control
  • AV for IT Consulting Services
  • AV Operations Training & Management
  • Digital Signage / Wayfinding
  • Event & Entertainment Technologies
  • Sound & Video Systems Tele-training / Electronic Classrooms
  • Teleconferencing & Telepresence
  • Virtually Themed Environments
  • Peer Review
  • Value Engineering
  • Standards Compliance Review
  • Commissioning
  • Project Management

“Electro-Media Design is proud to have served the global hospitality industry for the last 25 years, and we look forward to the next century of service,” Loether said. “We are committed to producing designs that meet or exceed the standards of the selected hotel operator. Our team uses the latest technologies to provide effective solutions with the highest possible degree of accuracy. The end result is full compliance with the applicable requirements and reduced implementation costs. Because no amount of technology can make up for a bad enviornment, EMD provides acoustics consulting to ensure the technology compliments the environment rather than introduce additional stress on the listener.”

Practice of ‘ArchiTechnology’ Loether coined the term “ArchiTechnology℠” to describe the convergence and integration of presentation and entertainment technologies into the built environment. In essence, ArchiTechnology is the study of how the human perception mechanisms work, how the various audio and visual technologies work, and how the environment contributes or diminishes the effective transfer of information from the technologies to the audience.

“I would like to thank EMD’s customers and our business partners over the years who have been instrumental in helping us refine our practice of ArchiTechnology,” Loether said. “Going forward, we will continue to look well beyond the event and entertainment systems we design and predict to optimize the performance of the completed venue, and the comfort and quality of the audiences’ experience.”

To learn more about Electro-Media Design and its global consulting practice, visit, email [email protected], or call (301) 355-5050.