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Offering an innovative way to reduce turnover

ATLANTA, GA – December 12, 2018 – Carver World Temps (CWT) announced that it has added a new program designed to recruit, train and place workers for hire by their clients in the hospitality field. CWT, a subsidiary of The Carver Companies, will challenge the norms of contract labor with the program that include placement services to ensure greater success for both clients and associates.

“Turnover for contract labor is an ongoing concern equating to an astonishing 400% turnover rate, but CWT has made major improvements by adding the right combination of recruitment, training and placement services,” said The Carver Companies’ Chief Development Officer Charlene Carter.

One factor that has significantly helped is the unique way the company recruits. Like any staffing company, CWT recruits heavily, but on an ongoing basis, the team also seeks out alternative methods for recruiting. This means reaching out in economically-challenged areas with recruiting and interviewing within potential candidates’ locations. Apart from the routine internet searches, CWT finds interested candidates, meets them face to face and encourages them to take the next steps in their career paths through CWT.

“We stress to candidates that this is not a dead-end situation for them, but we’re offering entry level positions that can turn into a stepping stones helping  them move further along their career paths, “ said Carter.

After associates have completed a background check, CWT offers an orientation class that not only trains and prepares them for working in the hospitality industry, but also teaches valuable life skills and provides helpful tips for navigating in this workforce.

“Life skills prove incredibly valuable in decreasing that turnover rate, as associates learn how to better communicate with employers and avoid situations that compromise their work performance and attendance,” said Carter. “Situations and breakdown in communication could lead to them quitting, being terminated, or simply not showing up for their shifts. We strive to offer opportunities to people, to encourage them, and prove to them that entry level positions can be the beginning of a successful career.”

CWT recruits and trains individuals who they see potential in and believe can grow within a client’s company, and then inspire that same vision in those individuals.

The placement service component works like this:

  • CWT will recruit and train employees then turn them over to clients for hire.
  • Placement includes recruiting, screening, background check, customized life skills, and hotel guest services and procedures training.
  • If the candidate doesn’t work out for whatever reason within six weeks of date of presentation, CWT will provide a replacement.
  • Otherwise, the client now has a hired, qualified, trained, and retained new employee.

Traditionally with contract labor, if a client is happy with a temporary worker and wants to hire them and buy out of a contract, it would be much more expensive. With placement services, associates receive skills for their new job, hope for their future, benefits and a reliable paycheck, while employers enjoy a simplified staffing alternative that provides quality employees at a discounted hire rate. For what it costs to contract an employee for 3 months, a client can utilize CWT’s placement services and permanently hire a qualified associate.

Associates placed in permanent positions enjoy benefits and no longer feel like an outside third party so they’re more likely to look for a career path within the hotel. Ultimately, CWT can help clients reduce costs by placing and retaining valuable employees.

For more information about CWT, Carver-Olson Hospitality Search, Carver-Wynn Workforce Development, Carver Hotel Group, including Task Force and other divisions of The Carver Companies, visit or call the Carver Business Development Team at (US) 404.254.3130 (CA) (1) + 647.945.5413 (UK) +44.20.3936.8644.

About Carver Companies

Based in Atlanta, GA, serving the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom, the Carver Companies include:  Carver Hotel Group, providing Task Force; Carver-Olson Hospitality Search, providing executive recruiting services; Carver TalentXpress, providing search for restaurants and limited service hotels; Carver World Temps, providing contract labor within the operating divisions of hotels; and Carver-Wynn, providing training and workforce development. See more at,,,

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Contact: Joel Carver, CEO / 404.343.4774

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