Already GDPR compliant, the Beekeeper digital workplace app protects employees and hotel guests against data threats

SAN FRANCISCO, CA March 13, 2018 – Beekeeper, a GDPR compliant developer of a digital workplace app, is offering a “31 Point Assessment to Ensure GDPR Compliance” white paper to assist hoteliers in preparing for the European General Data Protection Regulation deadline that goes into effect May 25, 2018. GDPR protects European Union (EU) residents’ personally identifiable information against security breaches. Any hotel that does not comply is risking heavy fines.

“If you operate a hotel in North American, GDPR directly affects your data security standards,” said Corey McCarthy, Beekeeper head of global marketing. “Any hotel that provides accommodations to travelers from countries in the EU must comply with GDPR. Beekeeper has already taken the labor-intensive steps needed to become GDPR compliant; we’ve done the work and believe this document could help any hotel company still building their framework.

“Our Data Protection Officer, Dr. Amir Ameri, compiled an important list of questions to ask when going through the compliance process,” McCarthy said. “The first 10 steps are listed below. To access the full 31 Point Assessment, click here.”

Beekeeper 31 Point Assessment to Ensure GDPR Compliance

  1. Does your company process personal data in an EU country or of EU residents? (Personal data is any data that may be used to identify a person, including technical, genetic, cultural, mental, economic, and social information.)
  2. Is your company familiar or registered with the EU-US Privacy Shield Framework (
  3. Does your company utilize technology to detect and alert a data breach (IDS / HIDS)?
  4. Does your Company maintain an inventory of all assets which process (transfer / store) personal data?
  5. Are your company's personal data flow channels identified?
  6. Is your company technically equipped to search for and permanently remove one individual's personal data?
  7. Is the concept of "Privacy by Design" incorporated in your personal data processing products and services?
  8. Do you apply a Privacy Impact Assessment in your product or service development lifecycle?
  9. Is permanent deletion of personal data according to a standard such as NIST (or other)?
  10. Does your company have direct access to all the systems used for their processing of personal data?

Disclaimer: These are the questions that Beekeeper has been using internally to assess compliance and, at the request of many colleagues, our CISO has been asked for his recommendations. These are not sanctioned by GDPR.

“One of the best ways hoteliers can start their journey to GDPR readiness is by using a secure communications platform that is already compliant,” Ameri said. “In April, Beekeeper assembled a team to make sure every box on our 31 Point Assessment got checked. Our task is done. We encourage companies still needing assistance to visit Beekeeper’s GDPR Hub and follow our journey to compliance here.”

Hoteliers with questions about implementing GDPR best practices should visit Beekeeper’s GDPR Hub.