Lima, Peru, September 2018Arrivedo, the first online platform with curated content of things to do around hotels, today announces the launch of its new White Label Solution. This will be a unique content feature for hotel groups and hospitality companies to share local insights in order to better communicate with their guests.

Hotels around the world are competing with Airbnb to drive more traveler satisfaction by providing them with a local experience. Arrivedo is giving a voice to hotels to act as local hosts to offer guests an authentic stay. Currently, Arrivedo has personalized Neighborhood Guides in 250 cities, for 850 hotels. Some of these hotels are operating under the big brands and luxury chains including Marriott, Intercontinental, Hyatt and Belmond. So far, more than 8,000 experiences and 32,000 places have been shared on the platform.

Arrivedo understands that big hotel brands and groups have a specific identity that they want to reflect on their guest. Therefore, Arrivedo’s content allows them to personalize their Neighborhood Guides to match the essence of their group or brand. In addition, Arrivedo helps hotels create a multi touchpoint strategy to enhance guest experience throughout the guest’s journey. Arrivedo’s complete content platform includes:

  1. A White Label solution on the hotel’s website with local recommendations, places pinned on an interactive map centered around the hotel, attractive photos and current Neighborhood Guide features.
  2. Connectivity to the hotel’s existing guest engagement technologies including mobile apps, in-room tablets and WIFI captive sites.
  3. HTML content for hotel distribution through email engagement tools throughout the guest journey.
  4. A dashboard which enables hotels to edit content and hire top writers to create new articles. It also displays key data about the interaction of guests with the content.

“Our solution not only helps groups or brands become closer to their guests but ensures that they have a tool that improves guest satisfaction and experience,” said Alonso Franco, Founder and CEO at Arrivedo. “Hotels can track how many views their Neighborhood Guide has, the time users spend on the guide, the number of articles read per user, and it gives more visibility of the guests preferences.”

Arrivedo has found that their content has already demonstrated success in enhancing guest engagement. For instance, 50% of guests who received their Guide at check-in opened it, more than three articles were read per visit to the Guide, and 90% of guests declared that they would recommend the hotel's Neighborhood Guide.

These days, guests and travelers expect local recommendations as part of the customer service at hotels. In fact, cultural information and activities travelers plan on doing on their trip are the top influential factors in deciding where to stay or travel to. Arrivedo’s Neighborhood Guides, therefore, give travelers access to an abundance of local knowledge. However, with Arrivedo’s White Label Solution, hotels and brands are now able to design and oversee the creation of their guide with ease, improving the overall experience and available information for the guest.