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Hospitality Management: What Are Millennials Looking for in Their First Job?

Alexandra Marinova | July 18, 2019

What should millennials' ideal employer offer to attract them: more money, great reputation or a good working environment? A survey of graduating students from four Swiss hotel schools provides valuable insights. By Alexandra Marinova My thesis set out to answer these questions, based on a sample of 525 graduating students from four Swiss hotel management schools: EHL, Les Roches, Glion and SHL (Schweizerische Hotelfachschule Luzern). Specific emphasis was placed on the Employer Branding aspects which employers can offer in order to appeal to the young graduates. What is Employer Branding?    This concept has been gaining popular...

Human Trafficking and the Hotel Industry: How to Combat This Crime Against Women

Dr Sowon Kim | July 17, 2019

Why hotels are vulnerable to human trafficking, how to identify the critical signs of trafficking and what can be done to prevent it? By Dr. Sowon Kim The EHL Women in Leadership (WIL) Expert Series had the privilege to welcome Prof. Dr. Maureen Brookes of the Oxford School of Hospitality Management (Oxford Brookes University) to share her expertise on the topic of human trafficking. Drawing on her research, which has been funded by the European Commission, she helped our audience to understand why hotels are vulnerable to human trafficking and how to identify the critical intervention points within hotels where signs of trafficking ca...

Global Hospitality CEO Survey: What Trends Are Shaping the Hospitality and Leisure Industry?

Kimberly Yoong | July 16, 2019

Hospitality businesses must find ways to differentiate themselves to remain competitive against ever growing industry disruption, the PwC’s 22nd CEO Survey unveils. By Kimberly Yoong According to the 22nd Annual Global CEO Survey by PwC, the Hospitality and Leisure industry's success continues to rest on its ability to cater to individual consumers’ preferences and desires. As the 3,200 global CEOs interviewed for the survey put it: “People eat, sleep, play games, cement friendships and seek cures in hospitality facilities.” However, recent trends suggest that the industry has been losing that connection with their customers as...

Developing Hybrid Skills: How Tech and AI Are Reshaping the Hospitality Job Market

Julia Aymonier | July 3, 2019

Julia Aymonier, Chief Digital Officer at EHL Lausanne, writes about the need for professionals with quantitative skills and knowledge of Artificial Intelligence in the hospitality industry. Change has never been as rapid as today.  The constant evolution in technology, at an ever-increasing pace, is changing our world and our working environment as never before.  The impact of technology is reshaping occupations and new job categories are beginning to appear on the market requiring “hybrid” skills.  Not only will staff have to know how to do their traditional job as in the past, but they will also be expected to have knowledge of th...

Three Reasons Why Training in Hospitality Matters

Jochen de Peuter | June 26, 2019

How two consecutive audits as "mystery shopper" for a hotel company unveiled striking differences in staff performance... and the need to focus on training. By Jochen de Peuter Recently I was assigned to perform quality audits “mystery shopping” for a hotel company. What struck me was how within one company, standards could be exactly similar, yet at the same time very different. If the similarities were mainly in the look and feel of the experience, the differences mainly came from how the staff performed at actually delivering that experience. The need for training in hospitality Research show numerous advantages to invest in ...

Five Food and Beverage Personalization Trends to Watch

William-Alexandre François | June 25, 2019

From DNA-based beer and wine, to 3D-printed food and coffee with high-quality images, these five trends are bringing a taste of personalization into the food and beverage industry. By William-Alexandre François There is currently a growing demand from customers for customization in various aspects of the food and beverage industry. Not only the product or service offered, but also the customer experience needs to be unique and feel personal. Personalized customer experience has always been important in the luxury world and this trend is now spreading to more common products as well. Often linked to craftsmanship, personalization mea...

Airbnb, Expedia, Google: 4 Lessons the Hotel Industry Can Learn From The Digital Giants

Meng-Mei Maggie Chen | June 24, 2019

By Meng-Mei Maggie Chen 2017 marked the 10th anniversary of Airbnb's creation and the digital giant celebrated its rapid expansion by releasing its strategy roadmap aptly dubbed "Airbnb For Everyone" with a slew of new types of accommodation topping their original offer. Among the new products unveiled were: New property types – Vacation Home, Unique, B&B, and Boutiques: these come in addition to the existing Entire Home, Private Room, and Shared Space filter options. New property tiers – Airbnb Plus and Beyond by Airbnb: the Airbnb Plus badge showcasing houses with more than 100 reviews and at least a 4.8 points r...

The Future of Medical Spas Explored

EHL Group | June 24, 2019

CHUR-PASSUGG – On 24 June 2019, EHL Swiss School of Tourism and Hospitality (SSTH) hosted the first Swiss Medical Spa & Hospitality Think Tank. This one-day forum saw leading industry experts, academics and students come together to compile the status quo, reflect on examples of best practice and identify areas of potential for the future when combining new medical and spa trends in the hospitality industry. With self-care and well-being becoming increasingly high-profile topics, the demand for medical services in the hospitality and tourism sectors is growing. According to the Global Wellness Institute, wellness tourism is expected to...

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