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What Price Loyalty?

July 1, 2019

Loyalty programmes have long been a feature of the hotel sector, but little evidence has traditionally supported whether they represent an operationally and financially beneficial form of investment. Yet a recent study by Dr Dan Wang of the School of Hotel and Tourism Management (SHTM) at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University and her co-researchers provides strong evidence that hotels are justified in making such investments, and provides suggestions for how hotels can further capitalise on the benefits. The researchers begin by highlighting the longevity of loyalty programmes – they were introduced almost forty years ago with American Ai...

Loyalty Begins With a Smile

Alan Young | August 22, 2018

How a trip to Budapest reignited my love of travel By Alan E. Young, CEO, Puzzle Partner Loyalty begins with a smile. It sounds simple enough however it can be a challenge to receive a smile in today's hectic, overly self-indulgent environment. We focus on selfies, Facebook, Instagram and have slowly lost touch with what is most important, creating face to face relationships that can last the test of time. The hotel industry faces this challenge daily. While reading an article on Skift titled, "Google Finds Customer Service Beats Loyalty Programs," I saw this as such a basic point. Of course, great service will trump a loyalty program e...

Building Customer Loyalty in Restaurant Operations

June 27, 2018

By Frank Schuetzendorf A conversation with Werner Küchler, Director of Paris's Relais Plaza restaurant. Walk along the gallery leading from the hotel's lobby towards the restaurant, and you will see photographs of Marlene Dietrich, Catherine Deneuve, Tom Hanks, Sharon Stone and many other well-known figures posing with Küchler— not the other way around. Werner Küchler has met, served, and conversed with the world's great, rich, and famous. He has even sung to them. As director of the Relais Plaza at Paris's iconic Hôtel Plaza Athénée, Küchler is one of the few remaining truly celebrated rest...

Does Your Hotel Stand Out?

Chamberlin Public Relations | May 31, 2018

Brand standards can make a hotel seem…well, standard. And with so many hotels flooding the market, it can be hard for travelers to tell one apart from the next, making it even more challenging to establish customer loyalty. But by carefully targeting specific types of guests and incorporating clever design and programing, a few hotel brands are standing out from the pack. Business & Leisure To attract business travelers, IHG's Crowne Plaza brand has been updating its guestrooms and public spaces, adding touches that working professionals need. Hotels now have studio spaces off of the lobbies that guests and locals can rent by...

The Hidden Costs of Sold-Outs

Max Chertkov | May 31, 2018

By Max Chertkov Did you know that securing a new customer costs between 5 to 25 times more than retaining an existing client? Although several factors can lead to losing a customer, booking failures and sold-outs have a major impact on customer loyalty. Strong businesses are built on the fundamental understanding of customer lifetime value - a customer once won can become a customer for life. Today's highly competitive travel market, especially online, bears numerous challenges when it comes to winning a customer. In fact, the revenue from the first customer booking often barely covers the acquisition cost. For this reason, customer...

Building Customer Loyalty – How Easy Is It?

Chamberlin Public Relations | November 1, 2017

Here's an exchange a traveler recently shared on Twitter, recounting a quick but memorable check-in experience at a major branded hotel: Me: I'm checking in Him: Long day? Me: Too long Him: Here's a voucher for the bar. Yes, building loyalty can be that simple. Whether a property is branded, independent, large or small, a hotelier can make a guest's stay a lot more memorable by anticipating their needs and personalizing the experience. And once a guest has had a positive experience, they'll be much more likely to share that story on TripAdvisor, Yelp and other review sites. (For the record, the traveler in the above exchange made a poin...

Why Customer Loyalty Should Not Be Your Goal and What You Want Instead

Dr. Dennis Rosen | September 27, 2016

By Dr. Dennis Rosen Loyalty has become a goal of many businesses. Many consultants claim they will help businesses accomplish this goal. However, it is important that we define our goals correctly since they represent where and how we will direct our efforts. So consider, is customer loyalty what you are really after? What is Loyalty? The problem that exists is with the definition of "loyalty" that is generally used. Loyalty is usually considered a situation in which customers come back to the same business repeatedly over time. If they routinely use the same business or buy the same product, they are said to be "loyal.&q...

Hotel Loyalty – What’s Driving Customer Loyalty for Today’s Hotel Brands? A PwC Report

PwC | March 16, 2016

What do travelers find to be the most compelling aspect of hotel loyalty programs? Are the loyalty behaviors of Millennial travelers unique to this age group? How can traditional loyalty programs compete with the increased presence of sharing economy travel options? In an age where price comparisons can be done on the fly and the sharing economy is the new normal, hotels have to continuously push their boundaries to retain customer stickiness. This report explores the competitive world of hotel loyalty, both from an age perspective and from the mindset of leisure vs. business travelers. To do this, we sampled over 1,000 U.S. consumers v...

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