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How France’s Hotels Are Rethinking Style and Space

JLL Real Views | March 26, 2019

Design has long been important to the hotel industry as a way to attract new guests and turn them into repeat visitors. In recent years, however, new brands to the market have raised the design standards to stand out from the crowd and win over a new generation of traveller looking for unique experiences. Faced with these new norms and higher guest expectations, long-standing establishments and big chains across France are rethinking how they use their space, as well as the look and feel of the hotel itself. "The idea is to break with established design codes, to deconstruct old styles and reconstruct them in a modern way to create vibr...

What Are the Top Hotel Designs for 2019?

Cicero's Development Corporation | January 4, 2019

PLAINFIELD, IL, JANUARY 4, 2019 -- New Year is the perfect time to check-in on hotel design trends. While some of these trends may only create ripples, others will set off tidal waves. Taken as a whole, these trends underscore that hotel design is no longer the simple task of creating a nice place to stay; it is a science of fashioning a truly distinctive guest experience that flows seamlessly from check-in to sleeping, to working, to dining, to entertainment. According to Cicero's Development, one of the country's leading renovation contractors for the hospitatlity industry, here are six hotel trends emerging on the scene that ...

Three Hotel Design Trends for 2018

OBM International | January 2, 2018

The rate at which our industry continues to evolve is staggering. Hospitality investors and managers are busy trying to understand which trends will help their properties stand out. OBMI asked its design team to share some of their insights and predictions on the direction of the hospitality industry in 2018. This is what came up: TREND 1: FASHION BRANDS SUITING UP It's not unusual seeing a fashion brand partnering with a property to create a particular suite or spa, but it seems that now they've jumped in with both feet. Recent trends have fashion brands associating their famous names to hotel properties with varying degrees of involve...

Hospitality Sweet

November 28, 2017

By Beth Saulnier CU researcher Stephani Robson '88, MS '99, PhD '10, weighs in on trends in the restaurant and hotel industries "My students laugh at me," Hotel school senior lecturer Stephani Robson '88, MS '99, PhD '10, says with a smile, "because I always tell them the correct answer to any question is, 'It depends.'" An expert in environmental psychology—focusing on the intersection between design and behavior in hotels and restaurants—Robson studies myriad topics relating to hospitality, an industry in which expectations vary widely according to factors like price, clientele, and location. The Canadian-born Robson came ...

Be Inspired By Hotel Interior Design Trends 2018

Kacey Bradley | September 22, 2017

By Kacey Bradley Domestic interior design gets all of the attention, but we know better: the hotel industry has its own scene that's just as exciting and ever changing. As such, it's up to hospitality professionals and hotel owners to keep tabs on design trends and, in the process, wow clients with modern updates and fresh décor choices. To make that task a bit easier, we've gathered the following list of five of the industry's soon-to-be trending design tips. Get ahead so that, by the time 2018 rolls around, your accommodation exudes the modernity that you and your customers seek. 1. Don't Be Afraid of Brights Many interior d...

The Future of Hotel Design

Rob Sykes | June 1, 2017

by Rob Sykes As the global hospitality marketplace evolves and travelers' preferences shift, what are the future trends that hotel designers need to anticipate? And how can we be visionary in our approach to each and every assignment? Our industry constantly yearns for innovation, with each hotel brand and independent operator seeking ways in which they can differentiate themselves to gain their own unique space in a very crowded marketplace. However, 'out of the box' thinking must always be balanced with economic pragmatism. Ultimately, hotels, as a real estate asset class, are challenging. Any investment risk must be justified by the ...

Flexible Design Trends for Today’s Hotel Needs

OBM International | August 1, 2016

Resort and hotel design is rapidly changing to accommodate the ever-changing needs of today's traveler. As such, properties are focusing on flexible design that accommodates a variety of needs from function to programming throughout the property. This style of design is not only a must for the guest but also creates critical operational efficiencies for operators. The flexible design of space includes generous use of open areas with high ceilings and wide openings that give access to adjoining amenities while accommodating the transition to specific function areas. These spaces often utilize movable planters, movable furniture, multiple...

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