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Why You Should Be Listening to What Your Voice Agents Are Saying Right Now to Potential Guests

Doug Kennedy | September 24, 2018

By Doug Kennedy As I often say in my conference presentations and training sessions, voice reservations is the forgotten distribution channel, at least at most hotels these days. Too many marketing and distribution execs buy-in to stereotypes such as "Millennials only book online and never want to talk with humans…" and "The only ones who still call are elderly and don't know how to work a computer..." On the surface, the numbers might even support this as web booking continue to grow while voice bookings decline. However, many of those who book online started out by first calling the hotel; others call after booking but prior to...

It’s Time for Hotel Brands to Wake Up and Re-Evaluate Their Voice Channel

Robert Post | December 19, 2017

By Robert Post The voice channel delivers from 20 to 50% of bookings for hotel brands. So why has the Contact Center become such an overlooked hospitality distribution channel? In my opinion, our industry has forgotten the impact of this valuable asset, its power to generate revenue, and the customer service it can provide to satisfy the demands of today's busy traveler. In a recent survey, we discovered a startling fact - Contact Centers are an increasingly poorly managed channel. In fact, we learned that a surprising number of organizations did not have a handle on their voice revenue conversion. And even when they had these numbers, ...

26 Questions 2 Ask: Drive Your 2017 Voice Channel Results

Aspire | September 20, 2016

Consider this: Some in the hospitality industry may think that the voice channel is dying. The truth is, it just looks different. Many of these same people thought GDS would go away, too! Your voice channel's margin averages 85% flow through — far higher than any 3rd party you do business with and you control the channel on your own terms! If you ask the smartest retailers in the world, like Zappos and L.L. Bean for instance, they will tell you that the voice channel is a cornerstone to their capture of wallet share, upsell and loyalty. As you think through your 2017 leisure revenue growth strategies, defining your conversion, REV...

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