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Six Tech Trends Still Reshaping Hospitality in 2019

EHL | April 17, 2019

From narrow artificial intelligence to intelligent things and edge computing, these six trends continue to reshape hospitality business. Technology in recent years has evolved at such a rapid pace and taken us further into a sci-fi-like future faster than our ancestors could have ever predicted. From smart home-enabled devices that control our thermostats and refrigerators to cryptocurrencies that provide secure stores of value, recent trends have brought many pipe-dream technologies to life. Many advancements have been more subtle but equally promising and transformative, from smart analytics in consumer and professional apps to the gr...

Eight Technology Trends to Watch Out for in the Travel and Tourism Industry in 2019

Kacey Bradley | March 6, 2019

In the digital age, travel and tourism have taken on new traits. Technology has given the industry new ways to communicate with customers, smoother internal operations and more possibilities for growth. As these innovations have come on the scene, the needs of guests have also evolved. While 2019 unfolds, you can look out for several technology shifts that coincide with your hotel, resort or tourist destination. Check out these eight technology trends affecting travel and tourism to stay informed. Range of WiFi Spreads While WiFi in hotels became an essential, ample internet connectivity on flights lagged. Now that in-flight WiFi has ...

Fuel Travel, StayNTouch and Examine the Alignment Between Hoteliers and Vendors in New 2018 Hospitality Technology Study

Fuel | June 18, 2018

Bethesda, MD, June 18, 2018 -- Fuel Travel, and StayNTouch joined forces to conduct an extensive study of hundreds of hoteliers and suppliers to learn where the industry can improve from a technology perspective. Exclusive copies of the comprehensive study will be available at this year's HITEC in Houston at booth's #1003 and #1133. The study addresses technological shifts and trends, highlighting critical issues the industry faces. Moreover, the study identifies where hoteliers and vendors are aligned, and where they differ, in the perceived priorities and challenges the market faces. The results are compiled from 358 responde...

Now Available for Download: HEBStrategy Q1 2018 Hotel Digital Marketing, Technology, and Trends Whitepaper

HEBS Digital | February 20, 2018

HEBS Digital's first installment in 2018 of the HEBStrategy—our whitepaper series covering the latest news and trends in hotel digital marketing and technology—is now available for download! The HEBStrategy Q1 edition takes a deep dive into content marketing through the funnel, and includes strategies for reaching different audiences with customized content. Download the HEBStrategy Q1 2018 whitepaper to learn about: What's Trending: Stay in the loop with the must-know trends for 2018, including driving engagement through video and reposting user-generated content (UGC). From the Design Studio: How can you use content to ...

Free eBook: 6 Digital Marketing Trends that will Matter in 2018 | Milestone Inc.

Milestone | February 7, 2018

Free eBook from Milestone: The 6 Digital Marketing trends that will matter in 2018 Santa Clara, CA | February 7, 2018: Milestone announced today that it is making available its 2018 eBook titled: 6 DIGITAL MARKETING TRENDS THAT WILL MATTER IN 2018. In this free eBook, Milestone lays out the six major technology and digital marketing trends that will be critical to hoteliers worldwide in the ever changing world of digital marketing. The key trends included in the report are: DOWNLOAD THE eBOOK HERE The role of mobile in 2018 From mobile-first experiences to new technologies, a more interactive "app-like" experience will force marketers t...

4 Technology Mega Trends that Will Shape Travel in 2016

Alan E. Young | November 3, 2015

By Alan E. Young Steve Balmer, ex-Microsoft CEO once said, "The number one benefit of information technology is that it empowers people to do what they want to do. It lets people be creative. It lets people be productive. It lets people learn things they didn't think they could learn before, and so in a sense it is all about potential". In the travel industry, technology is moving rapidly and affecting both the supply and demand side with solutions that enhance operational efficiencies and help companies drive top line revenues. Alternative Lodging Connectivity and Distribution Airbnb and HomeAway are everywhere. They are extremely ...

4 Big Trends in Hospitality & Travel Technology for 2015

Alan Young | October 27, 2014

by Alan Young, CEO of Puzzle Partner 1. "Three Screens" is Out, Universal Digital Is In The idea of three screens has been valuable in expanding our ideas and ability to reach travelers across a spectrum of devices, but we are past it now. The next year will be one in which innovations in travel technology are made in such a way that all methods of correspondence are available to travelers—text, email, voice—and all applications and software are available in the same format across all devices. Ultimately, it means that the guest has total control over the way they plan their travel and communicate while on the road. 2. Mobile Check-...

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