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Tambourine Shares Why Travel Intent Products Are Baffling Hoteliers

Tambourine | June 21, 2019

A helpful guide to the travel intent products hoteliers should care about. In the war to shift share away from the OTAs and maximize direct bookings, hotel marketers have become tactical experts with their media dollars. When they invest a dollar into a media channel, they expect to see a return. As more and more hoteliers adopted the “SHIFT SHARE” mentality, Google Branded Search campaigns became the go-to marketing solution for hoteliers looking to stay high on search results and battle the OTAs (who are aggressively bidding on your hotel’s brand keywords) for direct bookings. Essentially, it’s cheaper to run ads to capture the boo...

One Message Does Not Fit All: How Smart Hoteliers Are Personalizing Their Ads to Capture New Audiences

Tambourine | May 7, 2019

Easy options you can implement immediately to personalize your ad messaging to capture new audiences. One of the biggest mistakes hotel marketers make when planning ad campaigns and promotional offers are building these campaigns around very broad, one size fits all messaging. In their effort to appeal to everyone, these ads run the risk of appealing to no one. The Good News: New ad platforms and ad technology (from google, facebook and Instagram, to travel intent and the OTAs) make it easier than ever to identify highly specific audiences so that you can tailor your ad messaging to suit them. The Bad News: Staying current with the alwa...

Hotels Talk on Social Media…but Are They Actually Listening?

Tambourine | January 21, 2019

Social listening (also referred to as 'social media monitoring') gives hotels real-time, actionable insight and an opportunity to build long-term loyalty. While hotels take guest reviews on TripAdvisor seriously, they often fail to monitor social media feedback just as closely. As a result, hotels miss out on real-time complaints (and compliments!) and the opportunity to turn angry guests into public evangelists. Here are two immediate benefits of closely monitoring your social media channels: 1. Diffusing Negative Situations Unlike TripAdvisor reviews, you can respond to social media feedback within mere seconds and engage the guest i...

Tambourine: The Most Important Metric in Hotel Marketing: What’s Your OMTM?

Tambourine | January 7, 2019

Determine the single most important metric by which you will be judged this coming year by management/ownership, then align your actions and energy around it. As hotel marketers, we have dozens of metrics to deal with…. but we humbly suggest there's one that should matter more than any other. The One Metric That Matters (OMTM) is a powerful concept derived from a renowned thought leader in Silicon Valley. But the idea transcends every industry and is especially important for serious-minded hotel marketers. We fully recognize that the OMTM may be different depending on your property's needs, your career stage or your personal comp...

Do This to Gain Instant Trust With Hotel Website Visitors

Tambourine | November 9, 2018

Build trust with hotel website visitors by showcasing SOCIAL PROOF. Social proof is critical to easing the worries of potential guests. In fact, a study in the Washington Post showed social proof had more influence over customers than a discount. This is why a guest review site like TripAdvisor is so popular and impactful on purchase behavior. As travelers and meeting planners are faced with more and more hotel options, it's vital to win their trust first, to win their heart and their wallets. Here are the four core methods of leveraging social proof online: 1. Awards, Accolades and Media Labels Prominently display any accolades...

Tambourine Shares What’s Haunting Hotel Marketers This Halloween?

Tambourine | October 31, 2018

Continuing our annual Halloween tradition, we've asked hotel marketers nationwide, across all chain scales and property sizes, what they're most spooked about right now. In past years, the list has included: Unrealistic goals set by ownership Product deterioration The cost of guest acquisition Shaky job security Many of those were on the minds of the folks we spoke to this year, however, here are five particularly frightening problems keeping hotel marketers up at night right now: 1. Brand Proliferation/Differentiation Many hotel marketers (and owners) view the industry's numerous and ever-growing assortment of brands as an increa...

Tambourine – Hotel SEO: How Will Google’s New EAT Algorithm Affect Your Property?

Tambourine | October 10, 2018

Google rolled out a new algorithm update that is already causing widespread changes in both organic and local search engine rankings. In August, Google rolled out a new algorithm update that is already causing widespread changes in both organic and local search engine rankings. Although some specific types of websites appear to be affected more than others, all websites—including hotel and travel-related sites—should factor the latest criteria into their ongoing development and content plans. Centered on the acronym E-A-T (expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness), the latest update is placing still-more emphasis on ...

Hotel Marketing Budgets: How Much Is Actually Enough?

Tambourine | September 19, 2018

According to a recent study, Booking.com and Expedia return $16 for every dollar spent on marketing. This looks great on paper, but the reality is that over the last decade OTAs' return on marketing investment decreased by 15%. This explains why Booking.com dramatically decreased its advertising spend. The same story is playing out across the hotel marketing landscape… cost-per-acquisition is soaring, and if the Goliaths of the industry had to change their strategies, it's probably time to sit down and address the elephant-in-the-room: how much should you be spending on marketing? First: What's in the Marketing Budget? Allocation...

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