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How to Increase Hotel Direct Bookings

Hotelogix | April 23, 2019

Before we dig into the ways to increase hotel direct bookings, hope you're convinced with the "Why of Direct Bookings". If not, you can check this blog of ours that highlights the reasons to have a strategy for hotel direct bookings. Now, let's come to the topic - how to have a 'book direct' strategy? How would you plan to get more direct bookings when the average hotel website conversion rate stands at below 2%, despite hoteliers spending on marketing and SEO activities? Well, there is no definite, isolated way to drastically increase direct bookings at your hotel. Increased direct booking is a result of many collaborative efforts. And...

How Can Competition Benchmarking Help You Grow Your Hotel Business

Hotelogix | April 16, 2019

Understand what guests are talking about them Keep a track of their hotel online reputation on various review sites and hotel booking portals. See what guests are talking about them. Compare the same with the kind of reviews you have garnered. If guests have good things to say about the food or any other amenities, try to make changes if you find yourself lagging in those areas. Remember that guest reviews are an excellent source to help you understand your competition's performance. Try to know their marketing activities For this, you need to sign-up for their emails. It will help you understand how they communicate with their guests w...

4 Hotel Management Lessons You Can Learn From Paul Rusesabagina of Hotel Rwanda

Hotelogix | March 20, 2019

We all agree that managing a hotel in the time of crisis is no mean feat. And, if that crisis is of an extreme nature, your management skills are truly put to test. Like Paul Rusesabagina, the Manager of 'Hotel des Mille Collines' from the movie, Hotel Rwanda who provided shelter to over 1200 refugees in the capital city of Kigali and saved their lives during the 1994 Rwandan Genocide. Source - If you're wondering why we are talking about him now in 2019, here's why – As a hotelier, Paul maintained and displayed the highest level of integrity in the midst of a bloody civil war, took care of refugees as his 'guests' and us...

Top 5 Weird Superstitions Hotels Have to Deal With

Hotelogix | March 18, 2019

Whether they arise from a fear of the unknown or just from a misunderstanding of cause-consequence, superstitions are a part of every culture, the world over. While some superstitions are extreme and, perhaps, specific to certain regions of the world, some others are harmless and more widely practiced. It is safe to assume that people are more likely to associate an event that they cannot explain, to a superstitious cause when it is negative, than when it is positive. These are beliefs that people are heavily invested in, for which they would walk that extra mile. The trouble arises when hotel businesses have to tiptoe their way around ...

How Can Your Independent Hotel Compete With Group Hotels?

Hotelogix | March 12, 2019

Staying competitive is key to success. In the hotel industry, small independent hotels always have to compete with bigger brands or chain properties to attract guests, sell more rooms and to earn more revenues. The question here is that with their limited budget and reach, how can independent hotels beat their bigger rivals? What's in your favour? Given their limited number of rooms and offerings and not bound by any legacy or brand guidelines, independent hotels have the liberty to get creative when it comes to attract and serve more guests. They have the freedom of flexibility to make on-the-spot changes in their policies to offer per...

How to Manage Your Hotel’s Online Reputation

Magnuson Worldwide | October 2, 2017

London UK/Spokane WA - October 2, 2017 - Online reputation has become vitally important across all industries and for those operating in the hospitality sector it's an essential area to manage. Today when booking a hotel, googling and reading reviews is one of the most common steps travellers will take – it has a huge impact on your bottom line. Those hotels that fail to manage their online reputation can seriously harm the number of reservations they're achieving. It's not an area that you can afford to skip on. The sheer number of holidays and reservations made online should give you an indication of why your digital reputation ...

Lotte Hotels and Resorts Partners With TrustYou To Manage And Improve Its Online Reputation

TrustYou | May 12, 2015

TrustYou to Provide Lotte Hotels and Resorts with superior online reputation management tools Munich, Germany and New York, USA - May 13, 2015 - TrustYou, the inventor of the Meta-ReviewTM and global online reputation management leader, has partnered with Lotte Hotels & Resorts, the largest hotel group in Korea, to offer reputation management tools to it's properties. "We focus heavily on our guests, with the goal of delivering the best service around. We want our guests to fall in love with our hotels during their stay. Working with TrustYou, we will be able to gain and analyze guest feedback to ensure that all of our hotels are li...

From Lookers To Bookers: How Your Online Reputation Can Be Your Best (Or Worst) Asset

Leora Lanz | April 16, 2015

by Leora Lanz and Juan Lesmes Digital word of mouth is the new marketing powerhouse. With the explosion of news and content through media over-sharing in the digital world, it can be hard to keep track of what people are saying about your business. Some hospitality executives tend to underplay how positively or how negatively, their company is trending on the web. This can be a dangerous inaccuracy, as there is a significant correlation between online reputation and bookings: 78% of travelers say reviews help them feel more confident in their booking decisions, while 53% of them will simply ignore a hotel that has no reviews.(i) Travele...

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