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Hotels Can Now Overcome Language Barriers and Enforce Incidental Policies With Mobile Devices and Connect Staff by Monscierge

Monscierge | July 3, 2019

A new photos and images feature recently launched in the Monscierge Connect Staff app both improves staff communication and justifies incurred fees. OKLAHOMA CITY, July 3, 2019 -- Hospitality technology firm Monscierge launched a photos and images feature within their Connect Staff application last month and clients have found great success using the new tools for a number of tasks. Two most notable uses are overcoming language barriers between hotel members of staff and collecting penalty fees garnered by guests opting to smoke in non-smoking rooms. "These are our next steps in the ongoing evolution of developing emerging techno...

Knowcross to Unveil New App and Showcase Latest Innovations at HITEC Minneapolis June 17-20

Knowcross | June 17, 2019

Knowcross to offer a sneak peek of a highly anticipated new app that caters to Commercial Office Complex/Vacation Rental/Timeshare market and demo advancements and integrations at HITEC booth #2546 Washington D.C., USA (June 17, 2019) – Attendees at this year's HITEC in Minneapolis will be introduced to the latest inspiring products and advancements from Knowcross®, the preferred service quality management platform of the finest hotels across the globe. The company will be exhibiting their industry-leading software at the conference which takes place June 17-20 at booth #2546. Knowcross specializes in hotel housekeeping software, hot...

ALICE Unveils New Solution to Enhance Housekeeping Productivity and Save Costs

ALICE | June 4, 2019

New tools help streamline housekeeping operations, while improving guest experiences NEW YORK – June 5, 2019 – ALICE, the hotel operations platform that empowers operational excellence and meaningful guest experiences, today announced ALICE Housekeeping, a new solution for hotel housekeeping staff that optimizes room assignments and streamlines communication between each other as well as all hotel departments. The solution was designed with direct input from the challenges housekeepers face today and is part of an entirely customizable platform based on department needs. ALICE Housekeeping increases productivity and helps s...

Evaluating Housekeeping in Minutes per Room

Larry Mogelonsky | February 20, 2019

By Larry Mogelonsky, MBA, P. Eng. ( While you may know your operations so thoroughly that you can trust your intuition to prudently guide your next move, we have now found ourselves in the age of measurement and analytics, letting us fall back on the data to make sound inferences to hone each and every task. Just as you would evaluate your rooms in terms of RevPAR or your guests in terms of RevPAG, there's another metric for your housekeeping department that can help give a reliable snapshot of the current state and where improvements are needed. As many executive housekeepers and management companies that already use...

Continuing Professional Development for Housekeepers

Larry Mogelonsky | January 2, 2019

By Larry Mogelonsky, MBA, P. Eng. ( While new legislation is emerging from all corners of the world to better safeguard workers, and more specifically housekeepers, from harm and thereby generate new applicants for these roles. Two prominent examples are the widespread mandate for employee safety devices, often called the panic button, as well as the new musculoskeletal injury prevention regulations in California. I see these trends as part of a bigger issue, though. Namely, we aren't doing enough to make this particular line of work rewarding over a long stretch of time. Housekeeping can be grueling, monotonous and o...

The Need for True Careers in Housekeeping

Larry Mogelonsky | October 31, 2018

By Larry Mogelonsky, MBA, P. Eng. ( A widespread problem that hotels are currently facing pertains to staffing shortages. Lensing our discussion to the housekeeping department where turnover is often at resource-exhaustive rates, a common thread I've seen and heard from executive housekeepers and human resource directors is that this line of work is not seen as desirable, only attracting those candidates who desperately need a job and who are not motivated to stay beyond the base need for a weekly stipend. Some room attendants end up staying from lengthy breadths of time – decades even – and become cheris...

Ojai Valley Inn Implements Knowcross to Achieve Operational Excellence

Knowcross | October 22, 2018

California's most revered destination, since 1923, becomes the latest to join Knowcross' roster in the US Washington D.C., October 22nd 2018 - KNOWCROSS, the preferred service quality management platform of the finest hotels across the globe, is the preferred choice of the Ojai Valley Inn to help them automate their work-flow management and housekeeping departments, in an effort to maximize efficiencies and deliver enhanced guest experiences. The Ojai Valley Inn has tapped into the cutting-edge technology and innovation of the Knowcross platform, which enables them to provide a top-notch and highly personalized service for their estee...

Aston Waikiki Circle Hotel Goes All-In With Knowcross

Knowcross | September 25, 2018

Global leader in hospitality technology adds the much-sought-after jewel in Waikiki to its client roster Washington D.C., September 25th 2018 - KNOWCROSS, the preferred service quality management platform of the finest hotels across the globe, has been chosen by the Aston Waikiki Circle Hotel to maximize control and ensure efficiencies across their hotel operations. This inclusion adds to the growing list of marquee hotels & brands associated with Knowcross in the Americas. The Knowcross platform facilitates automated handling of guest requests, complaints and maintenance jobs while helping to capture, track and significantly reduc...

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