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Just Like Hotels, Not All Property Management Systems Are Created Equal

Nicole Dehler, Vice President of Product Management | June 27, 2019

The hospitality industry finds itself in a number of technological transformations. From guest-facing solutions to operational platforms, the legacy technology which once ruled our sector is slowly being replaced by modern, more agile solutions. Once slow to adopt new technology, the hospitality industry is now turning to mobile-friendly, cloud-based platforms to provide a more personalized and streamlined guest experience But in spite of their promise, hoteliers are realizing that not all PMS platforms are created equal 一 requiring new vetting process to separate the technological wheat from the chaff. Legacy PMS - not designed for m...

Hoteliers, Take Note: Millennials Own Your Future

Ryan King | May 30, 2019

The first truly digital generation has the most buying power and is increasingly more vital to the labor force By Ryan King, Director of Strategic Partnerships – StayNTouch Hoteliers, we have news for you. Millennials – that group of individuals born between the early 1980s and the early 2000s – own your future. Understanding millennial consumers has become a significant discussion point across industries over the last few years. Why? Because they are the first truly digital generation with more buying power of any other demographic before them. With $600 billion in annual buying power and notably different purchase m...

Beware the 7 Warning Signs You Have an Outdated Hotel PMS

Ryan King | May 16, 2019

By Ryan King, Director of Strategic Partnerships - StayNTouch The success of modern hotel brands is often directly correlated with the technology and procedures put in place to support their staff and operational structure. Favoring legacy systems over newer, more innovative platforms can negate a hotel's ability to provide the hyper-personalized and seamless experience guests now expect. Unfortunately, this is an all-to-common crux within the hospitality industry. Simply put, without the right tools and infrastructure in place, hotel staff won't have access to the resources they need to provide a guest experience that leaves a lasting ...

5 Common Mistakes of Hotel Guest Review Management

Hotelogix | May 2, 2019

Hotel review websites like TripAdvisor and Yelp, today, control your bookings in more ways than one. Apart from showing prospective bookers the option of looking at accommodations based on their ratings, they also heavily influence their buying decisions. Reviews on hotels are one of the primary factors that guests today consider before going ahead with their reservations and it is wise not to treat this lightly. Stats suggest that 96% of TripAdvisor users consider reviews important when planning trips and booking hotels. Considering how dependent the new-age traveler is on hotel review sites, this is a vast majority of your audience. W...

How Can Competition Benchmarking Help You Grow Your Hotel Business

Hotelogix | April 16, 2019

Understand what guests are talking about them Keep a track of their hotel online reputation on various review sites and hotel booking portals. See what guests are talking about them. Compare the same with the kind of reviews you have garnered. If guests have good things to say about the food or any other amenities, try to make changes if you find yourself lagging in those areas. Remember that guest reviews are an excellent source to help you understand your competition's performance. Try to know their marketing activities For this, you need to sign-up for their emails. It will help you understand how they communicate with their guests w...

Top 5 Weird Superstitions Hotels Have to Deal With

Hotelogix | March 18, 2019

Whether they arise from a fear of the unknown or just from a misunderstanding of cause-consequence, superstitions are a part of every culture, the world over. While some superstitions are extreme and, perhaps, specific to certain regions of the world, some others are harmless and more widely practiced. It is safe to assume that people are more likely to associate an event that they cannot explain, to a superstitious cause when it is negative, than when it is positive. These are beliefs that people are heavily invested in, for which they would walk that extra mile. The trouble arises when hotel businesses have to tiptoe their way around ...

Hospitality Financial Leadership: Roger Penske & The Hotel PMS

David Lund | February 18, 2019

By David Lund I had a chance meeting with Roger Penske in the parking lot behind the paddock in October 1994 at the Indy Car Grand Prix of Monterey in Laguna Seca, California. It was the end of qualifying on Saturday and his pilot and fellow Canadian, Paul Tracy had just won the pole position. For you hoteliers who are not motorsports fans, pole means he was the quickest in qualifying and that means he starts in the first position on Sunday. This is a story about hospitality financial leadership in the face of a challenge and adversity. Before I get into the hotel story and the connection to Roger, a bit more about him and the race. The...

2019 Plea to Hotel PMS Providers for Distribution Cost Tracking Functionality

Patrick Landman | January 18, 2019

By Patrick Landman Over the last few years there has been much discussion in the the world of hotel revenue management on managing GOPPAR and NREVPAR over only REVPAR. Understanding the cost of distribution is vital to the financial success of every hotel. For this we would need our systems to support us in registering and calculating such costs. Unfortunately many hotel Property Management Systems (PMS) have not yet evolved sufficiently in this area. In a discussion on my last post on the Hotel P&L the topic came up. I have made this plea various times already to PMS providers. So I am using the start of 2019 to make a public plea ...

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