Two hotel technology leaders work together to optimize revenue for all hotels

Singapore—April 20, 2022—IDeaS, the world’s leading provider of revenue management software and services, and RMS Cloud, a provider of property management software and scalable technology for the hospitality industry, have today announced an enhanced partnership to maximize occupancy and increase revenue for hoteliers through an advanced technology integration that provides superior visibility into rate strategy and drives smarter decisions to achieve greater revenues.

Through this partnership, IDeaS and RMS Cloud have built a two-way interface between RMS Cloud’s Hotel PMS and IDeaS’ revenue solutions. The partnership facilitates the smooth transfer of data between the systems to further automate and optimize key revenue management tasks like analytically derived pricing decisions.

•  Optimise tailored products and room types dynamically (Agile Rates): The enhanced integration between IDeaS and RMS Cloud allows hoteliers to easily leverage advanced analytics to flexibly price products such as advance purchase, loyalty, packages, promotional rates, extended stay, opaque channels, and more. This in turn provides guests with tailored product offerings based on unique demand profiles. Agile Rates’ unique capabilities enable hoteliers to employ a more powerful pricing strategy and not leave revenue on the table.

•  Working smarter together: The two systems will synchronize regularly and automatically update rates as scheduled multiple times daily, which saves time and allows the machine-learning algorithm to get smarter with every new data input.

Klaus Kohlmayr, chief evangelist and development officer, IDeaS, said: “In order to attract guests at the right price and maximize revenues in a disrupted market today, hoteliers must have an integrated technology stack to ensure all of their systems are working seamlessly together to support business recovery. The partnership between IDeaS and RMS Cloud will allow for the smooth transfer of data between the PMS and the RMS, removing the need for manual handling of data, freeing up time for revenue managers to focus on what really matters—growing business and revenues.”

Peter Buttigieg, managing director, RMS Cloud, said: “We’re excited to continue our partnership with IDeaS and to offer market-leading revenue management technology for our users at RMS Cloud. The intuitive nature of IDeaS’ technology is impressive as it helps to remove the guesswork from setting rates and increasing yield, allowing hoteliers a purpose-driven tool to effectively maximize its revenue performance.”