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Hospitality Technology Leaders Recognized for 2018 Achievements

IDeaS | March 12, 2019

IDeaS Global Partner Ecosystem Awards given to key contributors for excellence in innovation, leadership and focus Tweet This: @IDeaS_RevOpt announces 2018 Global Partner Ecosystem Award recipients at 2019 ITB Berlin partner celebration MINNEAPOLIS—March 12, 2019—IDeaS Revenue Solutions and its global ecosystem of partners strive to deliver better revenue management solutions to hotels all over the world. During ITB Berlin on March 7, 2019, partner representatives were recognized and awarded by their IDeaS peers for their exemplary levels in four categories: Innovation, Client Focus, Results Focus and Hig...

Hospitality Leadership Series On ‘Professional Visibility’: The 3 Cs of Executive Presence

Andrew Hazelton | September 20, 2018

By: Andrew Hazelton, Philadelphia | Thomas Mielke, London Last month, we investigated what it takes to be visible in the professional market place and concluded with the suggestion that "visibility" is only worth something if it is tied to "relatability". In this article, we stipulate that the former and the latter should be complemented by "executive presence". Google "executive presence" and you'll be "inundated" with 163 million hits. You're bound to learn useful tips if you can somehow sift through this avalanche of material to find the tried and true nuggets of wisdom. Or, you could take the Dale Carnegie's course on public speakin...

Hospitality Leadership Solutions Series: Is Self-Confidence Friend or Foe?

James Houran | September 19, 2018

By James Houran, Ph.D. and Keith Kefgen Noted hospitality thought leaders and corporate governance/ performance management experts Kefgen and "Dr. Jim" share common management challenges while providing time-tested, field-tested or just simple "quick-fix" ideas to keep professionals inspired, effective and successful. Self-confidence can be a friend and foe to emerging leaders and seasoned executives alike. In many cases, leaders must think and act against popular wisdom, and thus must exhibit confidence and grit in the face of severe—and even very public—opposition. Of course, self-confidence can also lead one down a very ...

Start Thinking About Your Hotel’s “Off-Season” in a Whole New Way

Gary R. Hernbroth | August 13, 2018

By: Gary R. Hernbroth Training for Winners Many things in our world have annual cycles or seasons, such as sports leagues, holiday shopping, the school year, farm crops, you name it. There is usually a slow (or slower) season and a busy (or busier) season, two very different activity levels in play. This industry certainly has its cycles too, where business levels fluctuate between in-season crazy/busy/zany/frantic times and the "wake me up when a customer comes around" slower times. The latter condition is commonly and insufferably known by most as the off-season. "Come and visit during the off-season, our rates are much lower be...

Hospitality Leadership in 2018

Robert A. Rauch, CHA | January 4, 2018

By Robert A. Rauch What will leadership look like this year? It's not always the same each year. Yes, leadership books might provide the same basics of leadership skills and yes, leading by example is a great foundation, but today I am exploring the combination of mentoring, coaching, leading and managing in 2018. I recently posted my top 10 trends in 2018. These include technology, lobby design, local food sourcing and more. Clearly, as leaders, we must be aware of trends in our industry. After all, many of us do not have someone to ask, "what's going on out there?" And it can be lonely at the top! I usually need a trigger to pen somet...

Beekeeper Hospitality Webinar Series Wraps with a Lesson on ‘Leadership and Followership’

Beekeeper | December 5, 2017

Hospitality professionals passionate about advancing their career should take the advice of renowned MBA professor Dr. Linda Herkenhoff in her upcoming leadership webinar SAN FRANCISCO, CA DECEMBER 5, 2017 - In childhood, "Follow the Leader" was a fun and interactive game. In business, however, followership determines a person's livelihood and it can impact one's opportunity for advancement within the organization. Following the wrong type of leader can also be problematic. If the manager is too passive, employees may lack motivation to perform. If the leader is too aggressive, staff may lose self-confidence and end-up hating a job they...

Why ‘Heart and Soul’ Is Also a Strength in Leadership

James Houran, Ph.D., Dallas | December 4, 2017

By James Houran, Ph.D., Dallas and Keith Kefgen, New York One of the most difficult and humbling things for us human beings is to admit we don't know something. Our brain has evolved over thousands and thousands of years into a three-pound, organic computer with the sole task of "making things more certain." Gaining mastery and a sense of control over our physical and psychological environments is a natural, inherent human drive. Many people assume that admitting ignorance about and asking for help in understanding specific things is somehow a sign of weakness and a public declaration that one is uninformed, incompetent or outright dim-...

Excuses are For Losers: Leadership Involves Pressure and Personal Sacrifice

James Houran, Ph.D. | October 27, 2017

By James Houran, Ph.D., Keith Kefgen Behind every failed leader is an excuse. In our experience studying and working with global leadership in the hospitality industry, successful leaders consistently tell us in one way or another that excuses were for "losers" whereas "winners" find solutions to tough challenges, or at least look at failed initiatives with a winning attitude and use the situation to adopt key learnings to apply to future scenarios. It's easy to lay claim to the title of leader when things are going well, but taking responsibility for your actions is difficult when things get tough. In today's Twitter and social media a...

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