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Helping Hotel Workers Manage Their Financial Stress

Chris Whitlow | March 26, 2018

By Chris Whitlow PwC reports that a third of the American workforce is stressed about their personal financial situation and they bring those frustrations to work. Additionally, the average wage for many employees in the hotel and travel-related industries is about $11 per hour, with many desk and service workers making less. This means that many hotel workers are stretching their paychecks each month to both cover bills and try to plan for their future. For hotel and hospitality employers, helping their employees better address their financial stresses can not only reduce turnover rates, but also foster a healthier workforce overall. W...

Why Improved Benefit Engagement Is the Key to Improving Hospitality Retention Rates

Chris Whitlow | October 12, 2017

By Chris Whitlow Many people might assume working in hospitality is less stressful than other industries. While hospitality employees may work in a luxurious environment, surrounded by happy families and individuals on vacation, their jobs can still be extremely stressful. In addition to meeting their managers' high expectations, working long and sometimes non-traditional shifts, and the never-ending needs of new customers every day, hospitality employees are also expected to be helpful, pleasant and friendly to each customer they encounter. This work-related stress is in addition to whatever issues hospitality employees may have going ...

How Should I Compensate My Sales Manager?

Leora H Lanz | October 4, 2017

By Leora H Lanz and Eydie Shapiro This is a very common question, and yet one which typically has a complicated answer. But should it? It's unfortunate that many hotels boast about how much money was spent on artwork decorating their lobbies and yet compensation increases for the sales managers who book business to their rooms are embarrassingly low. Sadly, the cost of living, the price of gas, and other expenses have increased, while, generally, the rate of pay increase has either stayed stagnant or has not kept up. Recently, we've been approached by a handful of different hotel owners asking for guidance on how to compensate the sales...

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