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Current Hotel CRMs May Be Doing More Harm Than Good

Terri Miller | January 24, 2019

CRM software boasts so much potential, but is that potential being maximized? By Terri Miller, Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder, Concilio Labs Hotels worldwide are looking for technological advances to thrive in this competitive environment. As a result, many are turning to CRM systems to gain an advantage. Hotels are pouring millions of dollars into driving loyalty through guest engagement, but without reliable data and technology, many initiatives fail to deliver. While CRM can, at its core, represent so many things, CRM technology is the system hotels have in place to manage interactions with current and potential guests. The...

Is Your Hotel Taking Advantage of All Guest Touchpoints? Here Are 4 to Consider

Terri Miller | September 11, 2018

By Terri Miller, Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder, Concilio Labs Success in the hospitality industry is largely defined by a hotel's ability to connect with their guest(s) while attending to their unique set of needs and expectations. The opportunities your hotel has to establish a genuine connection and rapport with each guest are referred to as "guest touchpoints" — the moments in which a guest is in direct contact with your hotel staff. This may seem like a relatively simple concept but establishing these connections with prospective guests can prove difficult, at times, when these touchpoints are often fleeting compare...

Concilio Labs and REBEL Travel Corporation Announce a Partnership Aimed at Enhancing the Utilization of Guest Personalization Technology

Concilio Labs | June 27, 2018

Washington, DC (June 27, 2018) – Concilio Labs, a leading provider in guest intelligence technology that unlocks powerful insights from hotel and guest data, and REBEL Travel Corporation, a global integrated marketing and technology company, today announced their strategic partnership. Concilio Labs' game-changing CRM will help to further REBEL's marketing, distribution, analytics, and technology solutions for hospitality and travel companies worldwide. REBEL plans to leverage Concilio Lab's Insight Engine to help further amplify their clients' ability to engage, understand, and build stronger one-to-one relationships with guests....

Concilio Labs and The Rainmaker Group Announce New Technology Partnership

Rainmaker | June 7, 2018

Washington, DC (June 7, 2018) – Concilio Labs and The Rainmaker Group today announced a new technology partnership to deliver more actionable and meaningful guest insights to hoteliers. The Rainmaker Group (Rainmaker), a leading provider of cloud-based hospitality revenue and profit optimization software, will leverage the power of Concilio's proprietary Insights Engine technology to empower hoteliers to understand who their guests are on a deeper level, anticipate needs, predict outcomes and personalize interactions. The alliance and integration partnership will deliver benefits that are squarely focused on making it easier for h...

Hotel CRMs Are Ready for Innovation

the Author | May 31, 2018

Are strategic technology partnerships the secret sauce for new ideas, advancement and market leadership? By Terri Miller, Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder, Concilio Labs In the fast-paced environment of the hospitality industry, most hoteliers would agree that developing and sustaining strong guest relationships is key to long term success. For that reason, customer relationship management (CRM) tools have become one of the most valuable strategic and tactical solutions in the hotel ecosystem. Over the last few years, the leading hotel CRM platforms have advanced to become much more guest-centric, enabling visibility into centra...

Using Predictive Guest Intelligence to Drive Guest Retention and Revenue

Concilio Labs | April 19, 2018

New e-book from Concilio Labs explores the power of actionable insights to anticipate guest needs, increase sales and optimize hotel business performance Washington, DC (April 19, 2018) – Concilio Labs, a leading hospitality technology company, today announced the release of a new e-book titled, "Using Predictive Guest Intelligence to Drive Guest Retention and Revenue." As the gap between guest expectations and hotels continuing to grow, the revealing e-book uncovers actionable strategies to better understand and measure up against those expectations. Predictive Guest Intelligence (PGI) takes a high-level look at all the data avai...

Interview: Concilio Labs CEO Terri Miller Talks About the Impact of GDPR on Hotels and Their Guests

Terri Miller | March 15, 2018

Recognized as an industry expert on hospitality technology, eCommerce, and business intelligence, Terri Miller, CEO and co-founder of Concilio Labs, discusses the impending European General Data Protection Regulation (GPDR) and what that means for hoteliers. Why has GDPR become such a top-of-mind issue for the hospitality industry? The May 2018 deadline for GDPR implementation will significantly change the way hoteliers handle guest data. Having guest's personal data stored in the cloud has become a necessity for today's hotelier. Until now, fines for breach of data protection regulations were limited and enforcement actions infrequent....

Turn Data into Insights to Know What Your Guests Want, Creating Memorable Hotel Guest Experiences Along the Way

the Author | March 8, 2018

By Terri Miller, Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder at Concilio Labs Last week, I had a revelation while I discussed peanut butter. I chatted with a nice woman in the aisle at my local grocery store. We debated the merits of crunchy vs. smooth, natural vs. added sugar, and of course, generic vs. branded. We each left, satisfied, with different types of peanut butter in our carts. The options were seemingly endless, as the store stocked well over a dozen varieties across several brands and sizes. This small discussion illustrates an issue that hoteliers face every day. Beyond the obvious differences of luxury vs. budget, business v...

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