Concilio Labs and REBEL Travel Corporation Announce a Partnership Aimed at Enhancing the Utilization of Guest Personalization Technology

/Concilio Labs and REBEL Travel Corporation Announce a Partnership Aimed at Enhancing the Utilization of Guest Personalization Technology

Concilio Labs and REBEL Travel Corporation Announce a Partnership Aimed at Enhancing the Utilization of Guest Personalization Technology

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Washington, DC (June 27, 2018)Concilio Labs, a leading provider in guest intelligence technology that unlocks powerful insights from hotel and guest data, and REBEL Travel Corporation, a global integrated marketing and technology company, today announced their strategic partnership. Concilio Labs’ game-changing CRM will help to further REBEL’s marketing, distribution, analytics, and technology solutions for hospitality and travel companies worldwide.

REBEL plans to leverage Concilio Lab’s Insight Engine to help further amplify their clients’ ability to engage, understand, and build stronger one-to-one relationships with guests. At a time when hotels want to learn from and communicate more effectively with their guests, capitalizing on this reach will provide an uninhibited view of patterns, preferences, demographics and corresponding expectations, needs and opportunities for individualization.

“Combining the power of REBEL Travel Corporation’s signature solutions with the holistic guest intelligence capabilities of Concilio Labs’ Insight Engine will enable our clients to leverage deep data-driven marketing to solidify guest relationships and loyalty in a revolutionary new way,” explains Ken Clay, the company’s president. “Our clients use our platform to help them attract and know their guests. This partnership was a natural next step for us as we look to enhance our offerings, focusing on better guest experiences and retention through engagement.”

The need for increased guest personalization has become paramount in the eyes of prospective travelers, a trend which leaders within the hospitality industry must adapt to quickly. Studies show that a growing number of consumers are willing to share their data with trusted companies in exchange for tailored experiences. When considering the impressive buying power of today’s tech-savvy travelers, this is more than enough reason for hotels across various sectors to enhance their personalization efforts.

"We’re excited to work with REBEL Travel to empower hoteliers to understand their guests in a way which transforms our industry for guests and hoteliers alike,” said Terri Miller, CEO of Concilio Labs. “The power of our guest intelligence platform transforms guest data and allows hoteliers to utilize this data across multiple systems and touchpoints. One of our differentiators is combining multiple data streams to formulate a singular, cohesive guest experience through our easy-to-navigate tool. The forward-thinking team at REBEL is a great fit for our company, and we look forward to continuing to grow together.”

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About Concilio Labs

Concilio Labs is on a mission to solve key issues in hospitality today—those of guest personalization and hotel loyalty—by developing innovative technology solutions that push boundaries. Concilio’s Insight Engine, a guest intelligence platform, empowers hoteliers with actionable insights to create personalized guest experiences that go far beyond traditional and existing capabilities in other similar tools. Other core service offerings target guest experience, including tailored mobile app and integrated booking engine solutions for hoteliers looking to take their guest engagement to the next level. The management team has decades of proven experience working with technology leaders giving them the credibility and a deep understanding of the hospitality industry and its growing needs. Concilio Labs is a rapidly growing brand with offices in the Washington, DC area and Ukraine. To learn more, visit

Contact: Terri Miller, CEO/Co-Founder Concilio Labs Ext: 710

About REBEL Travel Corporation

Miami Beach-based REBEL Travel Corporation is a provider of marketing, technology, and consulting solutions for the global travel and entertainment industries. For more information about REBEL, its companies, brands, and solution may be obtained by visiting REBEL’s website at

Contact: Ken Clay, President of Performance Marketing, REBEL Travel Corporation

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