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Why Hoteliers in the US Love Hotelogix

Hotelogix | April 10, 2019

The true test (and victory) for any software, in this day and age of rapid tech advancements, is when the users come forward to share their success stories with the world. And the sense of elation is even stronger when the system helps them attain their key business goals. Over the past decade or so, Hotelogix cloud PMS has helped thousands of properties the world over, conquer their business challenges and has gained the trust of several hoteliers in the process. This is especially true in the case of hoteliers in the United States, where our product is loved for various reasons. We are both humbled and thrilled to share with you some ...

How Can Your Independent Hotel Compete With Group Hotels?

Hotelogix | March 12, 2019

Staying competitive is key to success. In the hotel industry, small independent hotels always have to compete with bigger brands or chain properties to attract guests, sell more rooms and to earn more revenues. The question here is that with their limited budget and reach, how can independent hotels beat their bigger rivals? What's in your favour? Given their limited number of rooms and offerings and not bound by any legacy or brand guidelines, independent hotels have the liberty to get creative when it comes to attract and serve more guests. They have the freedom of flexibility to make on-the-spot changes in their policies to offer per...

StayNTouch® Announces New Webinar Series: “The Best-of-Breed Power of a Cloud PMS Ecosystem”

StayNTouch Inc. | January 4, 2018

New webinar series explores how hoteliers can drive revenues and differentiate their hotel concepts via the integration of unique software components into their Cloud PMS technology stack. Bethesda, MD (January 4, 2018) – A new webinar series, "The Best-of-Breed Power of a Cloud PMS Ecosystem" has been announced by StayNTouch®, a leader and innovator in mobile technology and Property Management Systems (PMS) for hotels. The 6-part series will run monthly from January through June and will feature a collection of hotel technology companies that represent the leading components of the Cloud PMS ecosystems. Traditionally, most ho...

Hotel Technology – The Easiest (and Most Costly) Decision is Not to Make a Decision

March 15, 2017

By Jos Schaap CEO, StayNTouch For several years now, we have observed the frustration—sometimes even exasperation—that many hotel executives feel toward information technology and their IT departments. There can be as many as 56 different types of hotel software systems in a single hotel. These systems manage everything from accounting, in-room TV's, front desk operations, mini bars, restaurants, the list goes on. It is no wonder that sometimes the easiest decision is not to make one due to the surmounting complexities and a large number of hotel software vendors. If you look on the popular software review site Capterra, you...

CFO/Controller Alert: Hotel SaaS Will Make Your Life Easier

March 2, 2017

Jos Schaap CEO and Founder, StayNTouch A hotel CFO or Controller has a very difficult job in today's demanding hospitality environment. They not only have to ensure that the hotel increases profitability month over month and year over year, but they must also have a deep understanding of all the latest technologies that can be implemented to reduce costs and gain efficiencies. CFOs are constantly being bombarded with companies trying to sell them solutions that promise to deliver on every aspect of their hotel's requirements. The challenge comes down to determining which systems fit the hotel's unique business needs as well as what the ...

Cloud PMS –  A Safe Bet for Security, Liability and Payments

the Author | February 15, 2017

Jos Schaap CEO and Founder, StayNTouch In the hotel industry, nothing is more important than making guests happy. Nothing that is, except keeping them safe. This is relevant no matter what the issues are and whether technology is involved or not. It's every hotelier's worst nightmare: a data breach that shatters the brand's reputation and destroys guest trust. In the past, managing data security as a hotel owner may not have been a priority - but it is now - and should be top of mind. There was an article in Yahoo news back in January about hackers that took not only the hotel but all of its guest's virtually hostage. They did this by h...

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