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3 Steps for Successful 2019 On-Page SEO for Hotel Websites

GCommerce | April 25, 2019

By Lisa McCreary, Director of Search Engine Marketing, GCommerce Over the years the mission statement for successful on-page SEO for hotel websites remains the same: Make sure to follow best practices to position your website for the greatest chance of visibility in the SERP. Provide a superior user experience that is reflected through highly relevant content, well structured navigation with easy path to book. Search engine optimization continues to evolve. Every year the nuances of the game changes slightly with new technical developments, new announcements or hints from Google and changing competition. Only brands and websites that c...

The Top 5 Things You Need to Know Now in Hotel Digital Marketing: February Edition

HEBS | February 21, 2019

By Margaret Mastrogiacomo, EVP Strategy This month, the latest digital innovations include Facebook allowing Page owners to participate in Groups, new video advertising opportunities through Amazon, and asymmetrical layouts making a splash in website design. From SEO to design, discover the top five things you need to know now in hotel digital marketing. SEO: Google+ is officially shutting down and all web integrations should be removed. Google+ will officially shut down on April 2, 2019 and Google+ social sharing buttons will stop working. Google sent notifications to publishers that have Google+ buttons or any web integrations with G...

Tambourine – Hotel SEO: How Will Google’s New EAT Algorithm Affect Your Property?

Tambourine | October 10, 2018

Google rolled out a new algorithm update that is already causing widespread changes in both organic and local search engine rankings. In August, Google rolled out a new algorithm update that is already causing widespread changes in both organic and local search engine rankings. Although some specific types of websites appear to be affected more than others, all websites—including hotel and travel-related sites—should factor the latest criteria into their ongoing development and content plans. Centered on the acronym E-A-T (expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness), the latest update is placing still-more emphasis on ...

Now Available for Download: Technical SEO on the Hotel Website eBook

HEBS Digital | September 6, 2018

Why It's One of the Most Important Online Revenue Drivers In hospitality, technical SEO is one of the least understood and very much ignored digital technology and marketing disciplines. Technical SEO plays a major role in influencing Google and other search engines to rank your hotel website higher in search engine results pages (SERPs), which results in qualified website visitors and bookings. Google has frequently stated that it is using more than 200 major ranking "signals" with many thousands of sub-signals and variations. The following three categories are well within hoteliers' control, and if the hotel website is optimized t...

Google’s Mobile-First Initiative: Everything Hoteliers Need to Do Now

HEBS Digital | July 10, 2018

By: Adam Lawley, SEO Specialist Google's mission as a search engine is simple and successful: provide web users with the highest quality search and surf experience available. Search queries completed on mobile recently surpassed desktop as the majority Google search type, a trend that is expected to continually rise as mobile searching becomes more ubiquitous with smartphone usage and the popularity of voice search continues to bloom. As the shift in the digital landscape moves through its many stages, Google has followed suit with the obvious and sustaining transformation that the mobile web is here to stay, placing a greater focus on ...

Top 5 Things You Need to Know Now in Hotel Digital Marketing: June Edition

HEBS Digital | June 21, 2018

By Margaret Mastrogiacomo, VP Strategy This month, Google nudges SEO marketers in the right direction with clarifications to the mobile-first index as it rolls out to more websites; Bing pilots in-market audiences; and Instagram gets more serious with Stories by adding e-commerce features. From SEO to design, read on to learn the top five things you need to know now in hotel digital marketing, and stay informed. 1.SEO: Google announces clarification surrounding the mobile-first index and what it means for your website. As Google begins rolling out mobile-first indexing to more websites, it recently announced some clarifications as to h...

Three Key Ways Hotels Can Improve Web Search Results

Alexis Krisay | May 18, 2018

By Alexis Krisay A recent consumer survey revealed that nearly 9 out of 10 customers over the age of 18 prefer booking their hotel accommodations online (88 percent for/12 percent against). With Google search algorithms constantly changing, hotels without a solid SEO strategy and execution plan will be lost in the digital wilderness. Here are three critical actions hotels can take to enhance web presence and improve search rankings without blowing budgets. 1. RULE YOUR REVIEWS. Have you checked your hotel's ratings lately? Google, YELP and TripAdvisor are some of the sites travelers your potential customers will search when planning a t...

The State of SEO in 2018: What Hotels Need to Know

Matt Tutt | May 17, 2018

By Matt Tutt Organic search is a field that is constantly evolving—and quickly too. The speed at which Google and other search engines roll out and test new search features can make it difficult to plan your hotel's search strategy for the next few months, let alone the entire year. This post highlights the state of organic search for 2018, looking at some of the impacts of the biggest recent changes by Google, both algorithmic and feature specific. We'll also try to estimate what's in store for hotel SEO throughout the rest of the year and beyond. The current organic search environment for hotels It's probably easiest to summariz...

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