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Tourism Tidbits: Crisis Recovery

Dr. Peter Tarlow | October 1, 2019

By Dr. Peter Tarlow The recent devastating hurricane that struck the Bahamas in September is one more example that tourism industry leaders must constantly be mindful of potential crises. From acts of terror and crime to earthquakes, volcanoes and tsunamis and weather related issues, industry leaders must have plans as to face both natural and man-made crises. Tourism crises come in multiple forms and there is no part of the world that is free from a potential crisis. Often the crises are unexpected. For example, in past years tourism officials worried about not enough tourism. Today in some parts of the world, the tourism industry must...

Tourism Tidbits: Dealing With the Media

Dr. Peter Tarlow | September 5, 2019

By Dr. Peter Tarlow Almost all tourism businesses, be they attractions, Convention and Visitor Bureaus (CVBs), regional or national tourism offices, or travel providers have to deal with the media.  Tourism businesses and offices seek positive publicity or at times react to a news story. Often these news stories are negative and if not dealt with can do great harm to a particular tourism industry. We can hypothesize that a successful tourism industry or enterprise must stand on four legs, these being: (1) it must offer a good product, (2) it must provide good service, (3) it must have good publicity, and (4) it  must offer...

Tourism Tidbits: Tourism and the Law

Dr. Peter Tarlow | August 2, 2019

By Dr. Peter Tarlow The Tourism/Visitor industry is a one of the world's great industries. Large industries, however, mean that there are large cash flows and large amounts of cash often mean multiple lawsuits and other legal problems. Often local CVBs or tourism offices are unaware of their own nation's laws and obligations. This ignorance of the law can be very costly. Tourism Tidbits does NOT give legal advice, and it strongly encourages all readers to ask specific questions to a licensed tourism legal professional. Please note that the information found below is only meant to be useful in helping tourism/travel professionals to obtain ...

Tourism Tidbits: Tourism and Human Resources

Dr. Peter Tarlow | July 2, 2019

By Dr. Peter Tarlow Many travelers, and most vacationers, see a tourism experience as a luxury or way to pamper oneself.  Often people will work an entire year for the sake of a few weeks of “vacation magic.” Without good employees, no matter how luxurious the circumstances are, the dream vacation has the potential to turn into a nightmare.  Tourism success, to a great extent then, depends on the quality of your business’ or tourism office’s human resources.  Tourism managers must find ways to inspire employees provide their guests with the best experience possible. Ironically, tourism experiences are rarely a question of money ...

Tourism Tidbits: Working With Meeting & Convention Planners

Dr. Peter Tarlow | February 12, 2019

By Dr. Peter Tarlow Meeting & Convention Planners (MCPs) play a vital part of the tourism industry. Not only do they often decide what community will receive a lucrative convention but their opinions also matter in the way a community is perceived and as such they act as part of a community's unofficial marketing team. Not only do their opinions matter, but tourism convention and meeting cities would be wise to remember that perceptions are often more powerful than facts and style all too often takes precedence over substance. Additionally there is a growing trend of conventioneers using the pre or post-convention period as a way t...

Tourism Tidbits: Confronting the World’s Changing Economic Times

Dr. Peter Tarlow | January 23, 2019

By Dr. Peter Tarlow January 2019 Perhaps Charles Dickens said it best when he stated that we live in the best and worst of times. There is little doubt that the tourism industry is facing some interesting and challenging times. Its transportation component has to deal with the irregular and hard to predict cost of fuel, both in the form of gasoline and jet plane fuel, but also the fact that antiquated air systems combined with a major decline in customer service have made millions of travelers understand why the we derive the word "travel" from the French word "travail" meaning (hard) work. To add to the industry's challenges in 2018 we...

Tourism Tidbits: Human Rights and Tourism

Dr. Peter Tarlow | November 9, 2018

November 2018 By Dr. Peter Tarlow In the United States, the month of November is connected to the holiday of Thanksgiving. It is a day of contemplative thought, mixed with travel, large feasts, and sports. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, T&M offers this contemplative essay about human rights and giving thanks. Tourism officials and professionals are carefully watching the debate as to the definition of national borders, questions of visas and issues of free or less free travel access. Although these issues also tend to be connected to the relationship between human rights, national rights and travel. The assumption behind all h...

Tourism Tidbits: Developing a Tourism Marketing Plan in a Changing World – Part 2 of 2

Dr. Peter Tarlow | October 1, 2018

By Dr. Peter Tarlow As noted in part one of this two part series, the tourism industry lives in a dynamic environment. Tourism is dependent on economic conditions, on climate, on political conditions and on local issues such a health and security. In all of these cases, the tourism professional is often in a reactive rather than proactive position. This need to react may lead to certain levels of frustration and even inaction. Although it is rare that a tourism professional can change major economic or political trends, there is however much more that s/he can do to shape his or her part of the industry. Tourism Tidbits offers the follo...

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