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Business Travel and Millennials: How We’re Changing the Travel Industry

Hotel Tech Report | June 10, 2019

By Marie Nieves As a millennial and business leader, I can safely say that my travel habits differ vastly from those of my parents, as well as my younger colleagues and friends. This has got me thinking about all of the articles and research I’ve read over the years that deal with the behavioral patterns of millennials within the professional realm, how we combine business and leisure, and how we’re constantly touted as the generation that disrupts the norm and aims to change, well, everything. I’m not at all surprised to say that I agree with that. After all, someone has to disrupt the traditional norms, and who better than a ge...

Shaking Up Your Marketing Strategy: How Millennials Are Shaping the Way Hotels Operate

Lauren Hall | February 25, 2019

By Lauren Hall, Founder & CEO, iVvy As a hotelier, the process of (effectively) marketing to millennials might have initially presented itself as a rather daunting task. Just how much buying power and influence do millennials have? And how does that impact the hospitality industry? What are their travel behaviors and preferences? How can hotels readily appeal to the millennial generation without compromising their relationship with travelers of previous generations? Who and what should be the priority? More specifically, when addressing the group hospitality segment — what do millennials expect from meetings and events in 2019...

How Millennial-Driven Markets Are Changing the Name of Hospitality

Kacey Bradley | January 31, 2019

By Kacey Bradley The millennial generation is large and distinctive. In fact, they are the largest living generation in America, and their influence seems to reach even farther. With defining qualities like fast-paced living, social media use, socially-conscious choices and aesthetic preferences, this generation knows what they want. The hospitality industry has started to factor in their preferences because millennials also love travel and now make up a significant percentage of hotel guests. Here are four ways the influence of millennials is changing the hospitality market. 1. Hunger for Technology As millennials have grown up with di...

Baby Boomers vs. Millennials: How to Maximize Your Property’s Appeal

Harry Cahn | January 29, 2019

By Harry Cahn Baby Boomers versus Millennials. It's not a competition, but there is a battle for mindshare. As the wave of the internet and social media usage continues to build, a digital time stamp has been placed on our culture, effectively dividing us into "befores" and "afters." Baby Boomers (those born between 1946 and 1964) are older and tend to be more methodical. Millennials (those born between 1980 and 1996) are younger, and generally more technology-focused and quicker to act. A better understanding of the motivations that drive each group can help you optimize your property's appeal to each segment. Millennials are n...

The Millennial Paradox: How to Save the Planet Without Giving Up Freedom to Travel – and Why Hoteliers Should Care

Emilia Jaakkola | November 1, 2018

Millennials are more eco-conscious than previous generations. Why? Because some of those really scary scenarios related to climate change are more likely to happen on their watch. Even though Millennials are actively questioning today's global consumption culture, at the same time they're planning their next vacation somewhere far away, which means endless miles in the air and huge amounts of pollution. That's why they've compromised: they keep traveling but they increasingly favor sustainable options. I'm a stereotypical Millennial. On the one hand, we're hopeless dreamers not ready to commit to anything. On the other hand, we're criti...

Welcoming Gen Z – To Our Business and the Workplace

Linchi Kwok | October 5, 2018

By Linchi Kwok It was like yesterday when we just discussed the expectations of Millennials and what can be done in responding to their needs. Today's update is about Gen Z, also known as "post-Millennials" or "iGen," the generation that will soon surpass the Millennials in 2019. Who are the Gen Zers? Some define Gen Z as those who were born after 1996 (age 21 or younger as of 2018) while others consider Gen Z are those who were born after 2000 (17 or younger as of 2018). Using the cutoff line of 2000/2001, Gen Zers will comprise 32 percent of the world population, but the Millennials only account for 31.5 percen...

Millennials: Changing Preferences & Priorities of Hotel F&B

Lori Crowley | September 6, 2018

By Lori Crowley Coming up as a Boomer, we simply did not have many choices when it came to what (and even where) we ate. For most of us, dinner was on the table every night, and there was a structure and familiarity to the ritual-not to mention the menu-that was very different than today. Boomers grew up in a time when life for most families was more structured and regimented, (usually) with more limited funds to devote to food shopping, and a budget that made eating out a relative rarity. And yes, of course, that's a generalization, if not a stereotype, but it's an anecdotal observation that's been backed by some convincing...

Industry Research Offers an Inside Look at Millennials’ Unique Hotel Needs

FutureBrand Speck | August 17, 2018

REDWOOD CITY, CA – August 17, 2018 – According to new research by FutureBrand Speck, part of Interpublic Group (NYSE: IPG), Millennials (those currently 22-37) have a higher demand for enriching experiences over traditional hotel amenities. FutureBrand Speck surveyed 250 travelers to better understand how to attract and retain guests in the hospitality sector, and found disparate results among the generations. Younger generations are more willing to pay for technology and wellness services when they are well integrated into the hotel journey. Millennials surveyed would be more appreciative of fitness and wellness offerings d...

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