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TikTok 101: Understanding the Rapidly Growing Social Network

Michael Del Gigante | May 7, 2019

By Michael Del Gigante As in life, the only constant with social media is change. Just as marketers were starting to feel comfortable with the current landscape, along has come a fresh, rapidly rising network: TikTok. As eMarketer recently put it: "Not since Snapchat has any app shown as much potential as TikTok to disrupt the existing social media world order." In an in-depth profile of the app—titled "How TikTok Is Rewriting the World"—The New York Times was just as effusive, stating: "TikTok will change the way your social media works—even if you're avoiding it." What's the big deal? What exactly is TikTok? How popu...

Travel and Hospitality Marketing Budgets for 2019: 4 Trends to Watch

Michael Del Gigante | October 11, 2018

By Michael Del Gigante As you dive into 2019 budgeting, what trends should you be thinking about? Which approaches, platforms, and tools should be top of mind for travel and hospitality marketers? The team at MDG Advertising recently analyzed a host of recent analyst reports and industry surveys to find out. What came from that deep dive are these four key trends trends that every travel and hospitality firm should be watching closely in the year ahead: 1. The Power of Search When it comes to travel and hospitality marketing, search has become the digital workhorse. Newer channels may get more buzz, but it's search that continues to mo...

How to Measure Social Media ROI: A 4-Step Plan for Marketers [Infographic]

MDG Advertising | August 23, 2018

Are you unsure about how to measure the return on investment of your social media marketing? If so, you're not alone. According to The CMO Survey, only 23% of senior marketers say they can determine the impact of their social efforts quantitatively. This struggle is understandable: assessing all the various types of organic social engagements that happen across multiple platforms can often feel like impossible task. The truth is that it's not. While measuring social ROI does take some time and work, it's absolutely achievable for firms of all types. So, how can brands tackle this problem? To find out, check out the key findings below, a...

7 Tips for Succeeding With Instagram Marketing

MDG Advertising | August 2, 2018

This year is set to be a big one for Instagram marketing. According to Social Media Examiner's annual report, in 2018 some 69% of marketers plan to increase their investment on the platform and 74% plan to learn more about how to best use the social network. What's driving this spike in interest? Largely, a quickly growing audience and considerable popularity with younger consumers: Instagram now has more than 800 million active users, with 71% of US adults ages 18–24 and 72% of US teens ages 13–17 utilizing it. However, while most marketers understand the power of the platform, actually establishing a successful presence re...

Local Search Evolved [Infographic]

MDG Advertising | May 16, 2018

Online search is constantly evolving, and the local search space is especially changing. Google reevaluates its algorithms and results pages regularly, making keeping up with the latest search trends a full-time job for many marketers. In 2018, these changes are expected to continue as new features and tools become available. Google's location-based searches are growing rapidly, and so are consumers' expectations. So, what key changes should you be aware of this year? We've updated our popular infographic, Local Search Evolved, with fresh approaches and statistics, giving you the tools you need to boost search engine rankings and expand...

Hospitality Marketing in 2018: 5 Digital Trends to Watch [Infographic]

MDG Advertising | March 29, 2018

Hospitality marketing is in a state of flux in 2018. The continued growth of online platforms, increasing ubiquity of mobile devices, and shifts in U.S. demographics are fundamentally changing how accommodations are found, researched, and booked. What does this mean for brands? How should you be reshaping your marketing strategy? Which digital tactics and channels are worth watching closely this year? To find out, we went through a host of recent research and analyst reports. To see what emerged, take a look at the overview below, as well as MDG's new infographic, Hospitality Marketing in 2018: 5 Digital Trends to Watch. ...

The B2B Digital Landscape: No Longer Business as Usual [Infographic]

February 9, 2015

How do B2B suppliers stay on their A-game in B2B marketing today? Well, its much more complex than ever as new digital methods and media have completely changed B2B buying behavior. Now cold calls get the cold shoulder as more and more of the B2B industry is warmly embracing online options to research and purchase products. Since theres no escape from this digital landscape, B2B suppliers need to evolve and must seek out new opportunities to engage their high-tech targets. For a look at the digital patterns and preferences of todays business buyers, MDG Advertising analyzed a 2014 B2B procurement study by Acquity Group and compiled its ...

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