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Why Hotels Need Modern Optimization and Management Platforms

Karen O'Neill | November 7, 2019

By Karen O'Neill, President-Americas at Knowcross The writing is on the wall: across industries today, it simply does not pay to be resistant to change. Not only do customers, or in the case of hospitality, guests, expect more from the brands they give their business to, staff expect more as well. For hotel staff, their job is entirely ruled by the delivery of service; their role exists to assist the property in running smoother, all the while ensuring each guest enjoys their stay. In many cases, this can be a complex job. Guests are increasingly particular, expectations for requests are hasty, and pivotal touch-points are often exacerbate...

How Hotels Can Overcome the 3 Worst Guest Pain Points

Karen O'Neill | October 16, 2019

By Karen O'Neill, President-Americas at Knowcross There is little debate that guests today are more 'experience-loyal' than 'brand-loyal,' and guest experience is quickly becoming a far more influential factor in building guest satisfaction, revenue, and loyalty. Yet, many hotels are blowing it with long lines, slow responses, maintenance issues, poor service quality control, and unhelpful or uninformed staff. Another problem lies in that many guests will say nothing, then follow up their stay with a rant on social media or a damaging review on TripAdvisor. So how can hoteliers readily anticipate and remedy the common pain points experi...

The Devil Is in the Details: Using Data to Transform Your Hotel

Nikhil Nath | October 8, 2019

By Nikhil Nath, Founder & CEO, Knowcross We all know the saying, “The devil is in the details.” Well, for hotels, those details can often be found in one, ever-important place: data. Data acts as a magnifying glass to all areas of operations and can provide hotels with a better understanding of their day-to-day activities, staff productivity, and of course, guest expectations. Insights from data can optimize hotel performance in many ways, including: Increasing profits and sales; Providing exceptional guest service Boosting service level performance; Using complaints to advance products and services; Driving loyalt...

Radisson Blu Bremen Opts for Knowcross to Achieve Enhanced Service Optimization

Knowcross | September 20, 2019

London, September 20, 2019 - KNOWCROSS, the global leader in providing service quality and optimization solutions, is proud to announce that Radisson Blu Hotel, Bremen, has decided to implement the Knowcross platform in their endeavor to optimize and streamline operations enabling them to provide top-notch, highly personalized experiences to their esteemed guests. Located on Bremen's historic shopping street of Böttcherstrasse, the upscale hotel has taken advantage of the power of Knowcross’ cutting-edge technology to automate its daily back of the house operations, improve staff productivity, increase guest satisfaction and achieve a r...

Hoteliers, Are You Offering the Highest Level of Service?

Karen O'Neill | September 12, 2019

By Karen O'Neill, President-Americas at Knowcross In this time, better known as the ‘Age of the Customer,’ what differentiates companies like Apple, Amazon, Zappos from the rest? The simple answer would be their never-ending efforts to exceed customer service expectations and create memorable, ever-lasting experiences. When it comes to the hospitality industry, while there is no shortage of sentiments that should guide a hotelier’s approach to success, there is one which arguably stands above the rest: great hospitality is defined by exceptional service. A recent Walker study, states that by the year 2020, customer experience will...

The Key to More Productive Staff? Technology That Was Built for Them in Mind

Karen O'Neill | September 3, 2019

By Karen O'Neill, President-Americas at Knowcross In the world of hospitality, hoteliers are faced with the dual responsibility of providing for their guests while also ensuring their staff has all the tools required to deliver an exceptional guest stay. As the need for innovation continues to evolve in order to enhance guest experience, the staff experience should also find itself on a similar, transformative path. To successfully adapt to the constantly evolving hotel landscape and meet guest demands, hoteliers must leverage effective service quality and optimization technology. However, while vetting prospective platforms, it’s imp...

Grand Pacific Resorts and Knowcross Partner to Boost Timeshare Resorts Experience

Knowcross | August 28, 2019

Washington D.C., August 28, 2019 - KNOWCROSS, the global leader in providing service quality and optimization solutions, is thrilled to announce the addition of Grand Pacific Resorts to its growing list of timeshare resort partners using their platform. Grand Pacific Resorts with more than 30 years of timeshare resort management experience has elected to implement the Knowcross platform to support their award winning service culture. Grand Pacific Resorts will use all of the modules on the Knowcross platform i.e. KNOW Service, KNOW Housekeeping, KNOW Glitch, KNOW Inspection, KNOW Mobile as well as the KNOW Maintenance module upon release. ...

How Technology Can Transform One of Your Hotel’s Most Expensive and Important Departments – Housekeeping

Nikhil Nath | August 22, 2019

By Nikhil Nath, CEO, Knowcross Imagine the following scenario. You’ve just arrived at a hotel you booked online after combing through countless reviews and hotel sites leading up to your business trip. The website boasted cutting-edge amenities and rooms adorned with modern furnishings, sprawling grounds, and an incredible on-property restaurant serving up delicious local cuisine. Following check-in, you bring your luggage up to your room only to discover it doesn’t have some of the amenities you confirmed in your booking. To make matters worse, you attempt to adjust the in-room thermostat only to realize it has clearly malfunctioned, ...

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