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Revamp Your Casino Revenue Strategy With These Trends

Kacey Bradley | July 31, 2019

By Kacey Bradley New trends are continually disrupting the hospitality industry. Casinos can revamp their current reach and revenue strategy by understanding these trends and what they mean for the future of gaming. 1. Young Marketing If you're only marketing to baby boomers, you're behind on the times. Even a millennial approach to advertising fails to look ahead. Generation Z — those born in the mid-1990s to early-2000s — are about to make a huge impact on the business world. By 2020, they will account for 40% of all consumers, and together, they have $4 billion to spend at their discretion. Social media, including the use of in...

7 Things Hoteliers Can Learn From Airbnb’s Guest Experience

Kacey Bradley | June 21, 2019

By Kacey Bradley Airbnb has become a popular site for travelers who want an authentic and memorable experience. The hotel alternative has become so popular that it has grown to more than 6 million properties across 191 countries in as little as 12 years. With no recognizable brand name or structured expectations, what is it that attracts guests to the site? From reviews and photos to enhanced personalization through data collection, Airbnb utilizes several tactics to attract potential guests and turn them into loyal bookers. Hoteliers can learn to enhance their own guest experience by learning a lesson from Airbnb's approach. 1. Offer ...

The Hotel Amenities Travelers Really Want

Kacey Bradley | February 13, 2019

By Kacey Bradley In the hospitality industry, there seems to be a disconnect between what hotels think guests want, what guests think they want and what they actually use. Because people are expecting services they're used to, some amenities aren't as novel as they once were, while others go unused. So, what makes travelers content during their stay at a hotel? Do guests need extra packaged toiletries or a pool to rave about the establishment? The following seven amenities are what guests hope for and take advantage of during their visit. 1. Outlets As travelers are stowing their electronics along for their trips, their charging...

Hotels Transform Dining Options for Time-Pressed Travelers

Kacey Bradley | February 11, 2019

One challenge frequent travelers have to deal with is figuring out how they'll eat while they're on a trip. Whether they're away on a family vacation or a work trip, at some point they'll need to eat and head out to their next stop. It's something that's easier to solve while out in a city that could have a fast food joint right around the corner, but then there are the moments where fast food doesn't work. Guests might realize they've become hungry once it's late at night and they've already settled into their room. Hotels are always looking for the next innovative way they can meet the needs of ...

How Millennial-Driven Markets Are Changing the Name of Hospitality

Kacey Bradley | January 31, 2019

By Kacey Bradley The millennial generation is large and distinctive. In fact, they are the largest living generation in America, and their influence seems to reach even farther. With defining qualities like fast-paced living, social media use, socially-conscious choices and aesthetic preferences, this generation knows what they want. The hospitality industry has started to factor in their preferences because millennials also love travel and now make up a significant percentage of hotel guests. Here are four ways the influence of millennials is changing the hospitality market. 1. Hunger for Technology As millennials have grown up with di...

Proactive Disaster Planning Tips for Hotels and Resorts

Kacey Bradley | January 3, 2019

By Kacey Bradley No one relishes the thought of having a much-needed vacation destroyed by a hurricane, tornado or wildfire. For those in the hospitality business, natural disasters open the possibility of liability for guest injury. Advance planning on how to deal with natural disasters helps hoteliers avoid costly lawsuits as well as prevent loss of human life. What must those in the hospitality industry do to ensure they maximize guest safety in the event of a disaster? These common-sense tips provide an excellent starting point for developing a comprehensive safety plan in the event catastrophe strikes. Complete a Risk Assessment Th...

Vacation Rentals vs. Hotels: What Amenities Do Consumers Really Want?

Kacey Bradley | November 5, 2018

By Kacey Bradley There was once a time when travelers had only a handful of places to choose from when traveling, and all of them were hotels. Nowadays, though, there's almost no limit to where they can stay, and that's all thanks to the vacation rental industry, which has opened up locals' homes and apartments to short-term tenants, too. Of course, that's not to say hotels are out of the game. Both are viable options that suit a specific type of traveler. As such, those who choose to rent a personal property search for particular amenities, separate from the ones that draw in hotel aficionados. Here's what each type of customer really ...

How the Hotel and Travel Industry Are Accommodating Honeymooners

Kacey Bradley | April 12, 2018

By Kacey Bradley Like the wedding day itself, a honeymoon is a once-in-a-lifetime affair. That's why customer-facing members of the hospitality industry have historically taken special care with honeymooning guests. But in recent years, the concept of "special care" has expanded to include extravagant perks, courtesy of hotels, airlines and any other businesses involved in the honeymooning process. These perks aren't just your standard champagne upon arrival and rose petals on the bed. Some resorts plan special excursions for their guests, arrange for romantic meals both in the room and in other beautiful parts of the grounds or add spe...

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