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The Value of Teamwork in Service

Stuart Pallister | October 31, 2018

By Stuart Pallister How does one of the top restaurants in the world approach teamwork in service? Two EHL lecturers have just spent several days at Alain Ducasse's restaurant at the Plaza Athénée in Paris and came away with a number of insights which they will now pass on to their students, as they seek to make sure the education they provide is up-to-date and aligned with the latest trends in the industry. The two faculty members spoke to Hospitality Insights about their key takeaways. Eric Iunker and Lionel Sauvère who teach on EHL's practical arts (or AP program) have a challenge. How can they make sure what the...

How to Make Hotels More Human

Dean Minett | July 30, 2018

By Dean Minett Isn't it strange that technology designed to bring people together could have the opposite effect? As smartphones and tablets have become more engrained in daily life, prospects for real human interaction feel strangely diminished. Why strike up a conversation – or look out the window, for that matter – when there's always a task, a search, or a social media post to absorb your attention? Academics and researchers have been saying plenty about this in recent years. The Media Consumer Survey 2017 by Deloitte found clear patterns of fatigue amongst social media users in Australia, with nearly half of the study's...

Does Your Hotel Have a Policy on Piercings?

Larry Mogelonsky | April 11, 2018

By Larry Mogelonsky, MBA, P. Eng. ( Just over a year ago on Hotel-Online, I wrote about the need to put in definite terms what your hotel would tolerate for visible tattoos as well as how this policy might vary for back-of-house versus front-of-house. It's an important topic because tattoos are on the rise amongst the younger demographics, and yet a guest from a more traditional upbringing may be turned off by such ink. If you don't have the proper documentation and signed agreements from everyone at the associate level, you risk irritating customers or running into problems surrounding discriminatory hiring practices...

How Hospitality Companies Lose Good, Promising Talent – And For All the Wrong Reasons

Gary Hernbroth | October 26, 2017

By Gary Hernbroth When you don't read the signs, you lose good people I often wonder how some so-called business leaders get to be where they are, how they get their leadership roles. Not all, certainly, but some. They miss so much. They don't read the right tea leaves. They don't ask enough questions. And in some cases, they don't recognize the potential in their own up-and-coming leaders, either. The woeful tale described here comes from the hotel industry, but it could apply to any number of businesses. Sadly, this is by no means an isolated case. A bright young hotel professional, just seven months out of The School of Hospitality B...

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