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Want More Positive Guest Feedback? Invest in the Right Improvements

Luz Candelas | August 31, 2018

By Luz Candelas Not all resort facilities warrant the same level of investment during a capital expenditure program. The guest impact of any single resort space can often be over or underestimated and the ramifications on future margins can be dire. When traveling to Mexico or the Caribbean, guests expect their chosen resort will have all the attributes of a tropical paradise. Ensuring the design program is in line with these expectations also guarantees some measure of profitability while protecting the capital expenditure investment from the pitfalls of further redesign. In fact, taking guests' preferences into account at the onset of...

Hotel Security Tools Needs to Be Shared With Local First Responders

Stephen Nardi | April 30, 2018

By Stephen Nardi President Donald Trump recently made a call to make bump stocks illegal. A bump stock is an attachment that enables a semiautomatic rifle to fire faster. Twelve of the rifles the gunman in last October's mass shooting in Las Vegas had in his 32nd-floor Mandalay Hotel room were outfitted with bump stocks. Ever since that incident, the hotel and security industries have been scrambling to develop new protocols that prevent against crisis situations like mass shootings. Of all the tools hotel management have, it is critical the tools that help save lives are shared with local first responders. Many of the quicker fix ideas...

Why Protection of Your Staff and Guests Should Be a High Priority

Victoria Lim | March 26, 2018

By Victoria Lim A hotel business is an industry in which people, experiences, and sensations are the key. This is why your ability to help people feel safe is something completely indispensable. Still, as you already saw, this takes place on several different planes. First, you have to make people feel physically safe and the only way to do so is with adequate emergency management. Second, you need to be able to guarantee the safety of their assets for as long as they are your guests. Finally, it is about assertiveness, competence, and people-skills of your team. The key to the last one lies in motivating your team to put in that extra ...

Boosting Hotel Security: 4 Ways to Keep Your Guests Safe

Ann Neal | February 22, 2018

By Ann Neal The hotel industry is highly vulnerable to frauds and other forms of felonies, namely burglaries, assaults, and cybercrimes. The consequences of these criminal episodes are unforgiving, causing hotel owners a loss of revenue, reputation, and customer loyalty. As a result, security is a garnering investment that hotel owners are willing to make in order to protect their guests from the above-mentioned criminal offences. The latest technological advancements are helping hotel owners protect their guests and employees from physical threats and cybercrimes. A hotel owner must prioritize hotel security in order to offer safe acco...

The Month of October’s Hard Start for Tourism

Dr. Peter Tarlow | October 9, 2017

By Dr. Peter Tarlow One day when historians of the tourism industry write about the first part of the twenty-first century they may view the week of October 1 as one of the tourism and travel industry's harder months. The week began with news of terrorism attacks in both France and Canada, and quickly moved onto the tragedy that took place in Las Vegas. Many people will desire to know the personal history of Stephen Paddock and what motivated him. In reality, there are other issues more important than his personal history, and the tourism industry needs to be careful not to allow itself to be seduced into spending a great deal of time o...

Routines for Emergencies: 9 Ways Hotel Security Must Prepare Emergency Procedures

Mac Segal | September 13, 2017

By Mac Segal Fortunately for most hotels, emergencies rarely occur. Most security teams can usually rely on routine procedures. Unfortunately, emergencies do occur – and many hotel security teams are woefully unprepared to deal with them effectively. In this article, hotel security expert Mac Segal takes a hard look at emergency procedures, and how and why security managers must prepare them. Routine procedures are what security professionals spend most of their time performing. By far. Let's face it: Most days are routine, thankfully, and emergencies are rare. It's therefore no wonder that security teams focus on routine,...

InterContinental Toronto Centre Hotel Boasts Luxury and Innovation with Installation of ASSA ABLOY Hospitality’s Locking Solutions

ASSA ABLOY Hospitality | June 27, 2017

Toronto-based four diamond hotel taps global leader in door opening solutions for upgrade to the latest in RFID technology. Stockholm – June 27, 2017 – Prestigious, four-diamond luxury hotel, InterContinental® Toronto Centre Hotel, announces the successful implementation of ASSA ABLOY Hospitality's industry-leading RFID locking solution and Visionline system to update and enhance overall property security at the glamorously-appointed 584-room property located in downtown Toronto, Ontario. The InterContinental Toronto Centre is managed by InterContinental Hotels Group, operator of 12 brands stretching over 100 territories...

Embracing New Technologies and Hotel Security in Our World Today

Frances Kiradjian | May 30, 2017

by Frances Kiradjian To the uninitiated, the current fad for virtual and augmented reality technologies might seem to have little overlap with the travel industry. Why go to the trouble of traveling anywhere if you plan to sit in a darkened room wearing a headset and exploring a fantasy world? Such a view is echoed by the sentiments of Dara Khosrowshahi, CEO of Expedia, in 2016 who told a technology conference, "I hope that VR in travel fails miserably because I want people to go places." But technology has a habit of making itself useful in situations where we least expect it – which can only explain why, a year later, Expedia it...

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