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The Hotel Amenities Travelers Really Want

Kacey Bradley | February 13, 2019

By Kacey Bradley In the hospitality industry, there seems to be a disconnect between what hotels think guests want, what guests think they want and what they actually use. Because people are expecting services they're used to, some amenities aren't as novel as they once were, while others go unused. So, what makes travelers content during their stay at a hotel? Do guests need extra packaged toiletries or a pool to rave about the establishment? The following seven amenities are what guests hope for and take advantage of during their visit. 1. Outlets As travelers are stowing their electronics along for their trips, their charging...

The Evolution Of Private Clubs

Chris Mumford | February 7, 2019

By Chris Mumford The desire to be with and around other people is an innate human characteristic. In evolutionary terms, humans quickly worked out that strength in numbers equalled survival, and this need to seek connections and to form bonds with others has remained within us over time, even as the threats to our existence have altered and diminished. The need to band together to fend off attack or to kill for food has been replaced by a want for social interaction and companionship. For most, school is the first place we begin to form relationships with like-minded fellow humans and where we form groups, teams, cliques and gangs. In 1...

What Do Hotel Guests Really Want? Anticipated Versus Actual Use of Amenities

Chekitan S. Dev | September 25, 2018

by Chekitan S. Dev, Rebecca W. Hamilton, Roland T. Rust, and Matthew V. Valenti Abstract: Hotels provide a lengthy menu of amenities based on the (largely accurate) perception that guests want those amenities and claim they will use them. While many guests do exactly that, a substantial percentage will "overpredict" which amenities they will use. This study of fifty hotel-wide and in-room amenities details both the overpredictions and, in some cases, underpredictions of amenity use by 724 guests in thirty-three hotels operated by six hotel brands—one upscale, two upper upscale, and three luxury—belonging to one hotel company...

The Growing Value of Hotel Bars

Chamberlin Public Relations | February 2, 2018

The days of sad, lonely, hidden-away hotel bars are long gone. Today, hotels are turning their bars into community watering holes, encouraging locals and guests alike to mix and mingle and providing a literal taste of the destination with local fare and libations. With savvy design (and top mixologists behind the counter), midscale and upscale hotels alike are finding new ways to bring in foot traffic and increase revenue at the same time. It's no surprise that when The World's 50 Bars published its list for 2017, five of the top 10 were located in hotels, including the top four on the list. The New Lobby Marriott's new millennial-focus...

Renovate to Innovate

Georges Panayotis | January 16, 2018

By Georges Panayotis At the dawn of the French Revolution, Mirabeau told Louis XVI: "Sir, when we look at where the good heads led France, perhaps we might try the bad ones." Could there be any resemblance to what we are experiencing now? It is too late to rewrite history, but it is high time we learned from our mistakes. The first is not putting enough emphasis on productivity. The hotel industry is one of the few sectors where the value added per hour worked has not changed over the last two decades, while it has been soaring in other sectors, such as new technologies as well as in traditional industries. In this context, on...

Travelers Seeking Character and Amenities Before Luxury

Kacey Bradley | January 10, 2018

By Kacey Bradley With budget airlines and bus companies sweeping not just the nation, but also the world, traveling domestically and internationally has become more feasible for almost anyone. Whereas travelers may be willing to skimp when it comes to their transportation, however, there's one area of globetrotting where most are willing to splurge: their accommodations. The industry is experiencing a trend toward smaller boutique hotels and away from the typical massive hotel model. Why? A few reasons. For one thing, travelers are more interested in a hotel room that they can Instagram than a space that simply has the basics, like a be...

Guests and The Great Outdoors

Chamberlin | December 6, 2017

A hotel's rooftop used to be just that – a rooftop, and in terms of revenue, wasted space. Not any longer. Hotels are getting more creative and transforming outdoor areas into immersive experiences that not only offer additional amenities for guests, but also generate serious income. What's more, outside spaces are becoming just as important to attracting guests as their interior counterparts. There are lots of ways to create an effective outdoor space that will be both popular and profitable. Here are some of our favorite options that guests love. Maximize Your View Getting fresh air at city hotels used to be challenging but not ... Study Reveals Travelers’ Prefer Free Wi-Fi to Free Breakfast

Agoda Company Pte Ltd | August 31, 2015

SINGAPORE, Aug. 31, 2015 --, one of the world's leading accommodation sites and part of Nasdaq-listed Priceline Group (Nasdaq:PCLN), announced today the results of its most recent Travel Smarts survey, which shows travelers prefer free in-room Wi-Fi to free breakfast. The survey, conducted in July 2015, asked over 5,000 customers from around the world which amenities they want in hotel rooms. When asked which they'd rather have for free, travelers prefer Wi-Fi over breakfast, but barely. Wi-Fi got 55% of the vote and breakfast 45%. "We know both are important to our customers," says John Brown,'s Chief Oper...

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