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Customer Loyalty in a Hyper-Segmented Hotel Landscape

Agnes Pierre-Louis | May 9, 2019

By Agnes Pierre-Louis Travelers today have access to considerably more information than they did during the early days of loyalty programs and are more reliant on reviews and user-generated content (UGC) than on brand names alone when making hotel choices. Also, when it comes to rewards programs, travelers have increasing options, with a variety of point-earning opportunities such as credit cards with compensation schemes and online travel agencies (OTA) reward programs. In fact, consumers are usually members of multiple rewards systems and use them selectively. How then can hotel companies today expect to drive consumer loyalty and doe...

The Migration of the Immersion Wellness Resorts: Can Experiential Properties Sustain Global Models?

Horwath HTL | February 25, 2019

(Miami, Florida) February 25, 2019 - Horwath HTL Miami Managing Director Andrew Cohan, MAI, a leading consultant in hospitality advisory as it pertains to health, wellness and spa offerings as well as environmental and ecologically sustainable resorts globally, has observed "migration" efforts to bring the Asian immersion wellness and destination resorts to the Americas. "As experiential travel continues its evolution into "transformational travel," more and more vacationers are motivated to travel by a desire to enrich and even alter their personal perspectives," shares Cohan. "These "inward"...

Q&A With Andrew Cohan, MAI, Managing Director Horwath HTL Miami

Andrew Cohan | September 13, 2018

Hotel Online recently requested a Q&A with Andrew Cohan, MAI, Managing Director of the Miami office of Horwath HTL on his views of the hotel industry. Andrew's areas of expertise are many, but his true passions include development of health and wellness offerings in the lodging sector. He is also keenly interested in sustainability and the opportunities to use local resources as a significant element of a hotel brand's amenities and value propositions. Here, Andrew discusses some of his insights and observations guiding developers in these arenas to help create "transformational experiences." With such a robust proliferation of bran...

Creativity, Disruption and Innovation: HOTCO 2018

Horwath HTL | January 18, 2018

Budapest, January 2018 - Creativity, Disruption and Innovation are the themes of the second annual HOTCO Hotel Investment Conference that starts on the 29th January in Budapest. The conference, which is being held at the Kempinski Hotel Corvinus, is the only hotel investment conference that focusses on the Central and Eastern European countries. The event, which is organized by Horwath HTL, the global leader in hospitality consulting, is designed to service the Central and Eastern European markets. The conference has proven to be a key event for hotel owners, investors, operators and suppliers, with last year's event attracting over 300...

John Fareed Hospitality Consulting and Hotel & Club Associates of Virginia Merge to Form Fareed & Cummings

Horwath HTL | June 2, 2017

John Fareed Hospitality Consulting LLC and Hotel & Club Associates of Virginia have merged to form hospitality advisory firm Fareed & Cummings LLC, according to principals John Fareed and Michael Cummings. The new company has joined Horwath HTL, the world's largest and most experienced hospitality-consulting brand with forty-five offices in thirty-nine countries. Under the Horwath HTL flag, Fareed & Cummings LLC will provide a full complement of hotel consulting services—asset management, operational assessment, appraisal and valuation, feasibility and market studies, and strategic market planning for new openings, rep...

The Accelerating Significance of the Hotel Asset Manager

Paul Breslin | March 30, 2017

By Paul Breslin Fasten your seatbelts and take note of who's driving. The roads are sure to be full of tight curves, sharp turns and speed traps. The role of an asset manager today is changing at record speed and owners expect their asset managers to keep the pace. The asset manager role is more active and hands-on than ever before, and thus the choice of asset manager is also so much more important today. At the start, it is all about R&R -- not rest and relaxation but rather Roles & Responsibilities. That's what drives our passion, we serve as the owner's representative, which is a tremendous task in and of itself. At the rece...

Paul Breslin of Horwath HTL Shares 2017 Industry Predictions

Paul Breslin | February 7, 2017

Managing Editor Michelle Renn interviewed fellow Atlanta based hospitality expert Paul Breslin, Managing Director of global consultancy Horwath HTL, to discuss 2017 industry predictions for various topics including the Marriott-Starwood merger, Manhattan's historic NoMad District, and the overall outlook for the industry this year. Q: In your opinion, what are some of the most important impacts of the Marriott-Starwood merger? A: The true take away from this merger has to be the increase in destinations offered to new guests as well as long time loyal guests. In addition, the strength of the Marriott brand speaks for itself, with the hi...

Miami Cementing its Place in Elite List of Global Gateway & Hospitality Markets

Andrew Cohan | September 8, 2016

By Andrew Cohan, Managing Director at Horwath HTL - Miami In 2013, I wrote an article titled "Miami's Leap to Global Gateway Status". The article examined the factors that combined during the previous decade to move Miami from one "comp set", that of secondary cities and resort markets, to a new comp set, that of Global "must include" gateway markets. In Miami's case, the two-way link with Latin America and the city's role as a transit point between Latin America, North America and Europe dominate the competitive advantage that favors movement of people, information and goods and services betwee...

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