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8 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Publishing to Social Media

Pipeline Social Media | February 18, 2019

By Maiya Wall / Pipeline Social Media Before hitting publish, post, or share, what can you do to ensure that your post actually has value and potential for good engagement? In this article, we provide a checklist that will help you create posts for your fans and potential hotel guests that are clear, relevant, and easy for fans to interact with. 8 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Publishing to Social Media: Does my post align with my brand? Do I have permission to use the content in my post? Is my post tailored to the specific platform? Is my post on topic? Does my post have value? Does my post have any errors? Di...

Inntopia Launches Facebook Integration for Enhanced Social Media Ad Targeting

Inntopia | September 5, 2018

STOWE, VT - Inntopia recently announced a new integration with Facebook that allows Marketing Cloud users to automatically push custom guest lists to the social network's ad platform as audiences. "There is no arguing with the value and potential of social media targeting in terms of guest outreach and marketing," said Inntopia's CEO, Trevor Crist. "Inntopia's unmatched ability to aggregate and cleanse guest data already gives our clients a massive leg up versus other platforms, and now they can use all those guest insights and behaviors to create extremely targeted audiences on these social platforms." The integration is an extension o...

Hotel Marketing Tips from Pipeline LIVE: Image Copyright Infringement

Pipeline Social Media | May 29, 2018

By Maiya Wall & Sarah Brown Pipeline LIVE is a bi-monthly Facebook live series covering topics on digital marketing, including social media, web design, blogging, and SEO. Each 15-minute Facebook live video is designed to help business owners and marketing professionals learn step-by-step, applicable techniques to expand their digital marketing knowledge. In a recent Pipeline LIVE session, COO Leslie Wilkins was interviewed about Photo Copyright Infringement and the importance of respecting copyright, understanding fair use, and being responsible with images on social media. Copyright laws can be particularly precarious as the major...

Facebook & Instagram Help Put African Tourism on the Social Media Map

September 1, 2017

Attending the Annual World Tourism Conference in Rwanda, Facebook (www.Facebook.com) and Instagram representatives were in Kigali this week (28-31 August) to discuss and explore ways in which social media can be used to effectively drive tourism growth across the Continent. Showcasing how both platforms can be used as a tool to creatively help change the narrative of Africa as a tourist destination, the team also took part in a live panel discussion exploring the'Evolution of Online Travel and Lifestyle Tourism: Leveraging Africa's Diversity'. The event, developed by the Rwanda Development Board, the Corporate Council on Afr...

Resort and Hotel Social Media Posting Drops 12-20% in 2015 Across All Major Sites

Ryan Solutions | January 12, 2016

One of the metrics we've researched semi-regularly over the years is YOY social posting frequency. At the intersection of adoption, content quality, and social ROI, it's been a telling stat to see spike in the early days and then plateau in 2013. But what about now? As we head into 2016, how often are resorts and hotels posting to social media? The Goods To find our answer we looked at 1,100 resort and hotel Facebook accounts. We found the average monthly posting frequency for every year since 2008. Here's how it looks. Resort and hotel Facebook posting frequency dropped from 25.0 posts per month in 2014 to 22.0 posts per month in 2015...

Do 5-star Hotels get More Facebook Engagement than 3-star?

Ryan Solutions | October 27, 2015

The correlation between hotel star ratings and Facebook page dynamics is something that's been analyzed before, but this time we're looking at a question that comes up more than any other: engagement. Is there any correlation between the star-rating of a hotel and the average engagement it sees on Facebook? Here's what we found. The Goods To find our answer we looked at over 7,000 hotel Facebook pages and tracked their "people talking about this" percentage (PTAT/fans) over the last three months. We then grouped their averages by star rating. Engagement peaked for 3.0-star hotels at 5.5% but fell above and below that point to a low ...

Which Hotel Type is Growing Fastest/Slowest on Facebook?

RyanSolutions | September 1, 2015

Hotels come in all shapes and sizes. Their marketing does too. Which got us thinking, do certain types of hotels experience more growth or engagement on Facebook than others? Here's what we're seeing. The Goods To find our answer we looked at over 7,000 U.S. hotel Facebook pages with a combined 40,000,000 fans and tracked their engagement and fan growth over the space of 90 days between May and August 2015. We then grouped these hotels by a few common types, features, or locations. Hotels that promote airport access or proximity came out on top with 9.8% growth and 10.9% engagement. Hotels with casinos came in at the bottom for growth (...

How Many Facebook Fans Did Resorts and Hotels Lose in Last Week’s Account Purge?

Ryan Solutions | March 23, 2015

Facebook has been trying to make likes more meaningful by removing memorialized and voluntarily deactivated accounts from brands' fan counts. After more than a week of watching these stats steadily decline, fan totals are once again growing at their normal pace. But how many fans did resorts and hotels lose along the way? Here's the lowdown. The Goods Based on overall averages, the purge appeared to begin around March 12 and end on or before March 21. To account for a ramp up/down of Facebook efforts, we analyzed changes in the fan counts of 9,000 resort and hotel pages between March 10-23. We adjusted for each page's average growth lea...

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