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Why Employee Recognition Matters for Hotels

Ben Travis | November 8, 2018

By Ben Travis The hospitality industry is one of the most important in today's interconnected world - it creates local jobs, opens areas to new business and tourism, and makes up around 10% of global GDP. However, it can also be a high-stress industry, with irregular schedules, long hours, and a lack of appreciation. Here are some sobering statistics: Employee turnover for hotel and other hospitality organizations is almost double that of other private sector jobs. There's a strong correlation between hotel employee engagement and likelihood of guests recommending a hotel to others. Only 55% of Millennial hospitality workers...

Make People Your Priority

Hotelivate | October 11, 2018

by Shruti Mathur This article explores two key dilemmas at the forefront of every organization committed to success, growth, and a dynamic and supportive work environment. Predictably, both of these are to do with finding and keeping the right people. The Recruitment Dilemma: Talent from Within or from Outside It is a well-known fact that thoughtful hiring is critically important for the wellbeing of an organization. Of the myriad factors considered before a final selection is made, the most controversial, perhaps, is to do with origin – should the employee be hired from within the company or from outside? Employers often resort t...

Beekeeper’s ‘Bee School’ is Back in Session

Beekeeper | January 24, 2018

'If Not You, Who? Cracking the Code of Employee Disengagement' will kick off the 2018 Webinar Series on January 31 taught by Best-Selling Author and Employee Engagement Expert Jill Christensen SAN FRANCISCO, CA JANUARY 24, 2018 - Employee engagement is a big buzz word in hospitality, but few hoteliers truly understand its meaning. It's not just about satisfying employees; satisfied employees are there to "get" something from employment, but engaged employees are there to "give" something to the organization and its customers. In hospitality, an engaged employee will do everything possible to ensure an exceptional guest experience. It's ...

Attention Hotel Corporations, This Is How You Will Lose A 25+ Year Contributor (or any valuable employee)

Cathy Cook | January 11, 2018

by Cathy Cook I had the pleasure of working 27 years for not only the BEST hotel company in the industry but by the time I left the company it was indeed the largest in the world. I loved this company like a family because I always felt that I was treated like family. I was completely loyal to my fellow associates, customers, vendors, and partners. I worked in operations at 6 different properties, task forced at least 20 properties, and worked at our company's Headquarters office for 19 years. I survived three reorganizations while working at Headquarters, resulting in completely new reporting lines and departments. This meant that I ha...

Hospitality Leadership Webinar to Address ‘Emotional Intelligence’ in the Workforce

Beekeeper | November 30, 2017

Led by renowned MBA professor and senior management expert Dr. Linda Herkenhoff, the online class looks at how EI impacts staff productivity, employee retention and overall customer-service SAN FRANCISCO, CA November 30, 2017 -- Hospitality industry workers looking to hone their management skills in hopes of becoming better leaders and ultimately advancing their careers should plan to attend a webinar next week titled "Emotional Intelligence." Produced by workplace communication company Beekeeper, and led by renowned MBA professor and senior management expert Dr. Linda Herkenhoff, the 45-minute "Bee School" class will define EI as it re...

Why Improved Benefit Engagement Is the Key to Improving Hospitality Retention Rates

Chris Whitlow | October 12, 2017

By Chris Whitlow Many people might assume working in hospitality is less stressful than other industries. While hospitality employees may work in a luxurious environment, surrounded by happy families and individuals on vacation, their jobs can still be extremely stressful. In addition to meeting their managers' high expectations, working long and sometimes non-traditional shifts, and the never-ending needs of new customers every day, hospitality employees are also expected to be helpful, pleasant and friendly to each customer they encounter. This work-related stress is in addition to whatever issues hospitality employees may have going ...

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