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How Hotels Can Embrace the Experience Economy

David Millili | May 16, 2019

By David Millili Atif Rafiq begins his tenure at MGM Resorts this month. A departure for a casino hotel operation that would typically hire from within the industry, Rafiq's background isn't in hotels at all. Instead, his most recent position as chief digital officer and global chief innovation officer at Volvo Cars signifies a shift in the way MGM is thinking about hospitality, moving away from traditional approaches and toward digital experiences. As Rafiq tells Skift, "Being a Silicon Valley native in tech companies, I want to think about how to bring the digital and physical together. I'm looking at it how a tech company would look ...

Guest Experience vs. Guest Engagement: Which Matters Most?

David Millili | March 21, 2019

By David Millili Imagine this: You begin planning a trip to New Mexico. You ask a friend who lives there where to stay in Santa Fe. The same day you notice on Facebook that another friend happens to be in Santa Fe right now and has tagged the beautiful hotel where she's staying. You have two recommendations now but do some research anyway to be sure you're getting the right place for the trip. You decide on the hotel your first friend suggested, but the photos don't tell you everything you need to know, and the booking engine is cumbersome. Just about that time the Facebook friend texts, saying she's wild about the hotel she tagged. In ...

Different Travelers Want Different Things - So How Do You Know What Hotel Technology You Need?

David Millili | March 5, 2019

By David Millili, CEO of Runtriz Many retail brands embrace generational marketing these days, breaking down their demographics and online/social media campaigns by what they know about baby boomers, Gen X, millennials, and the up-and-coming Gen Z generation, those born in the mid-1990s. But for experiential products, like hotels, the concept must be stretched to include the consumer journey. The whole experience and the way it is received (or not) varies based on the age of the traveler, so much so that flags such as Marriott have launched entire brands around catering to millennials. Read an article by a baby boomer who has stayed in ...

Weaving Your Way Through Vendor Madness: What Should the Perfect Hotel Tech Partner Look Like?

David Millili | February 27, 2019

By David Millili, CEO of Runtriz There's some truth to the increasingly ubiquitous saying that all companies are technology companies now. Certainly some more than others, but I'd say hotels have officially waded into—or, perhaps, been shoved in—to tech waters so deep that it's an apt notion worth considering every time a new technology vendor is up for consideration. Look at the numbers. Hotel technology budgets have been on the rise for many years, and 2019 is no different. While 38% are satisfied with where the technology budget currently stands (or have no choice but to keep it, as is, which is more likely the case), 54%...

The Great Connector: The Hotel Mobile App

David Millili | February 21, 2019

By David Millili, CEO of Runtriz The era of engagement. The digital age. Social media revolution. A lot of terms describe the time we're living in, but what they all have in common is connection. The idea of creating connection goes far beyond the business side of our lives. We hear it everywhere that creating connections with friends, loved ones, and community will sustain us—and those around us. And though some will say technology gets in the way when we're glued to mobile phones, for instance, there's no doubt that technology has allowed us to scale up our connections, both professionally and personally, in never-before-seen wa...

The Modern Guest Experience & How Hotels Can Achieve It in 2019

David Millili | January 17, 2019

By David Millili, CEO of Runtriz Remember when the first hotel websites came online? It was 1994 and Hyatt was among the first chains to launch one. There were many years after this spent convincing the rest of the hotel world that they needed one, just a simple site that would describe the property with a few images. We weren't even at the stage of online booking, yet. That wouldn't come for another year or two. (Truth be told, some chains haven't evolved their websites much from that first iteration. Many still have the stock "amenities" page with bullet points that leave the guest wondering about exactly what they'll find when they a...

David Millili Named CEO of Runtriz

Runtriz | June 18, 2018

Seasoned executive appointed to navigate next phase of growth for hotel technology leader Los Angeles, CA (June 18, 2018) – Seasoned business leader, David Millili, has been named CEO of Runtriz™, a leading developer of innovative mobile software solutions for hotels, resorts, and casinos. Millili was the choice of Runtriz's leadership team after an extensive search, a move aimed at building on the company's high global demand while freeing up the founders to concentrate on leading product strategies and advancing key relationships. "I am honored to have the opportunity to be part of such a visionary team," said Mi...

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