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ALICE Co-Founder and President Alex Shashou Awarded as “Next Gen Leader” by the Hospitality Media Group

ALICE | November 5, 2018

ALICE President and Co-Founder Alex Shashou has been selected for the "Next Gen Leader" award, by the Hospitality Media Group (HMG), which recognizes the brightest young leaders shaking up the hospitality industry. The award will be presented at this year's HX: The Awards ceremony. The "Next Gen Leader" is awarded to a young professional making a difference with at least five years of experience in the field. It celebrates a leader who thinks differently to contribute positively to the hospitality industry and consistently asks "why" and "why not" in order to spark conversation, inspire others, and reimagine what's next. Alex's achievem...

What Will Your Front Desk Staff Do With All the Extra Time They Have After Adopting Text Messaging Automation?

ALICE | May 2, 2018

Hotels using automated text messaging have seen guest engagement increase by over 25% by Alex Shashou Texting has emerged as one of the most popular ways for hotels to communicate with their guests. However, the time-consuming nature of one-on-one text messaging makes it seem at times at odds with the busy atmosphere of the front desk. A tool such as guest messaging automation increases employee productivity as it enables hoteliers to spend less time doing the actual sending and more time communicating. In recent beta testing, hotels that have adopted guest message automation as a part of their communication strategy have seen an increa...

The Hotel Software You Need to Support Your Virtual Concierge

ALICE | May 16, 2017

by Alex Shashou For hotels that outsource their concierge services, request management technology can be a valuable tool to connect outsourced service providers with these hotels' in-house staff and operations. This improves the management of guest requests as well as the communication between your third-party concierge and your staff and between your third-party concierge and your guests, guaranteeing better guest service. The Rise of the Outsourced, Virtual Concierge Outsourcing concierge services in hotels is nothing new - bus companies and other hospitality brands have been placing their agents in hotels for years - but the ubiquity...

What Hotels Can Learn From the Airbnb CEO’s Twitter Exchange about What Guests Want

ALICE | January 11, 2017

When Airbnb's CEO asked his Twitter community for their Airbnb product wish list, what he got was a comprehensive look at what guests want from lodging today. by Alex Shashou When Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky asked his Twitter followers for Airbnb product recommendations in the late hours of Christmas day, Chesky said he expected about 10 people to respond. Instead, some 2,200 people offered their suggestions, with product recommendations still coming in. Chesky spent the rest of the 25th, and then many hours on subsequent days, responding to input from users. The Airbnb CEO facilitated a wide-ranging conversation about short and longer-ter...

3 Operations Fixes to Run Your Hotel as a Platform

ALICE | November 1, 2016

by Alex Shashou From Amazon in retail, to Uber in transportation and Airbnb in hospitality, a variety of businesses across multiple industries are embracing platform technology strategies. For the hotel industry, this new model offers an opportunity to use technology to deliver services in more convenient, faster and more transparent ways. But simply installing a new piece of software by itself isn't enough to capture the value of a platform. It's easy to make the mistake of conflating a platform with an app or a website, but a platform isn't just a piece of software. The real value comes from operational gains that result from combinin...

The Real Reason Airbnb is Eating into the Hotel Market Isn’t What You Think

Alex Shashou | October 21, 2016

By Alex Shashou Why has the seemingly simple accommodations-sharing concept grown so quickly? The answer has a lot to do with Airbnb's platform approach. The sharing economy is placing a new kind of pressure on the hotel industry. Despite being once ridiculed by the hotel industry, Airbnb has rapidly scaled to become a global provider of accommodation, with more rooms booked every night than the largest global hotel chains. The narrative is by now a familiar one: a service that boasts more than 60,000,000 guests and a $25.5 billion valuation by investors. But a more important question for hotels is why? Why has this seemingly simple...

Introducing the “Shared Workspace Hotel”

Alex Shashou | October 12, 2016

Getting Inspired by West Elm's Entry into Hotels By Alex Shashou, President & co-founder of ALICE It's no longer just about heads in beds. Every hotel needs a reason to exist today - a differentiator that attracts guests - which is why we're seeing an increasing number of lifestyle hotels. Yet I still find myself wishing a new category of hotel existed…what I'll call the "shared workspace hotel." As West Elm unveils a new type of hotel, Equinox starts its own hotel line and every brand under the sun joins the boutique and lifestyle hotel game, I'm still left wanting a new type of hotel that suits...

“There’s Nothing More Expensive than Cheap Managers:” How to Optimize Your Hotel Workforce

Alex Shashou, President and Co-Founder of ALICE | May 16, 2016

By Alex Shashou A well-trained staff will mean a well-run hotel. Labor is the principal operational expense in the hotel business, according to a survey of our GMs. This doesn't come as a surprise, as hospitality is first and foremost a service industry, with research pegging labor costs at roughly 32% of revenue. As one hotelier put it, "Everything comes down to people, your biggest variable cost is payroll." When we asked this same GM for his advice for succeeding in the hotel business, he told us simply, "Hiring the best people that you can find. There's nothing more expensive than cheap managers." Though employees are often the grea...

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