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Redefining Hospitality Leadership: Kerten CEO Marloes Knippenberg on Management Philosophy and Delivering Organisational Success

Thomas Mielke | April 30, 2019

By Thomas Mielke Whilst the traditional lodging and restaurant sectors remain the cornerstones of the hospitality world as we know it today, it is undeniable that the emergence of hybrid business models has significantly impacted the space. One of those 'new players' is Kerten Hospitality – an operating vehicle for creative concepts across the boutique hotel, serviced apartment and food & beverage, as well as coworking and business members club segments. Taking the opportunity to sit down and 'talk shop' with Marloes Knippenberg, CEO of Kerten Hospitality, AETHOS explored some key leadership questions. If the hospitality indus...

Board Diversity Within The Lodging Industry – Moving Away From Ordinary Thinking

David Mansbach | April 4, 2019

David Mansbach Results from a recent gender diversity study I conducted for the lodging industry indicate that of the 238 board seats available among the 28 U.S. lodging companies, only 51 were occupied by women (21%), a woefully low number. If we live in a world where women account for 80% of consumer spending and a multitude of credible studies point to a correlation between greater gender diversity and strong board performance, it is certainly time for us to address this issue head on. I have personally facilitated countless client board meetings and can say with unwavering confidence that gender diversity within the boardroom leads ...

Hotel CEO Turnover 2018: A Study of the Top 50 Largest Hotel Management Companies

Chris Mumford | March 4, 2019

By Chris Mumford, Thomas Mielke, and Dominic Maurer Turnover of Chief Executives at the world's 50 largest hotel groups (as per HOTELS 325 2018 Listing) remained flat for 2018, with new faces appearing at the head of four companies, the same number as for the prior year. Changes in CEO positions were seen at G6 Hospitality, Extended Stay, Millennium & Copthorne and B&B Hotels. Of these, three were planned moves. Jennifer Fox's three-month stint at Millennium & Copthorne, though, can only be assumed to have been anything but planned. A sector turnover rate of 8% is well under the average for the general industry and speaks to...

Compensation for US CEOs in Lodging: Fair Pay Is a Real Issue

Keith Kefgen | February 18, 2019

(February 18, 2019) - AETHOS New York Managing Director Keith Kefgen, in his annual review of CEO compensation for a variety of hospitality disciplines, shares candid insights as a result of his latest look at CEOs of U.S. lodging companies: "What we have found over the twenty years of studying CEO pay, is that the many public boards did a poor job at linking CEO pay to company performance," observes Kefgen. "In fact, that was the goal of creating our pay-for-performance model." The AETHOS Pay-for-Performance Model analyzes key financial metrics such as market capitalization, stock appreciation, EBITDA growth, and to...

The Evolution Of Private Clubs

Chris Mumford | February 7, 2019

By Chris Mumford The desire to be with and around other people is an innate human characteristic. In evolutionary terms, humans quickly worked out that strength in numbers equalled survival, and this need to seek connections and to form bonds with others has remained within us over time, even as the threats to our existence have altered and diminished. The need to band together to fend off attack or to kill for food has been replaced by a want for social interaction and companionship. For most, school is the first place we begin to form relationships with like-minded fellow humans and where we form groups, teams, cliques and gangs. In 1...

Gaming CEO Pay in a Year of Reckoning

Keith Kefgen | February 4, 2019

By Keith Kefgen The last eighteen months has been a reckoning for powerful men in the business world and gaming has been no exception. The #MeToo Movement struck down one of the most recognizable names in the gaming industry when Steve Wynn stepped down from the company he founded, Wynn Resorts. These issues have continued to shine a spotlight on CEO pay, severance and golden parachutes. Four other CEOs in gaming are out or on the way out soon. Caesars recently announced that Mark Fissora is stepping down at the end of the year. All that said, it was a very solid year for casinos stocks, with many of the bigger companies outperforming t...

2019 and Lodging Technology: Is There a One-Size-Fits-All Approach?

Matt Peterson | February 1, 2019

By Matt Peterson Turning the page on another calendar year is always fun and reflective. As we look to 2019, there are some interesting trends and new technologies that should continue to impact the lodging industry. Following is a look into two specific groups, employee and customer experiences, and how we should continue to embrace technology so it can positively affect the bottom line. With higher costs and questionable growth over the next few years, employee costs and retention will continue to be a hot topic. It goes without saying that a "happy" or "satisfied" employee is more likely to stay with their employer, but how do we mak...

2019 Insights for Human Capital in Hospitality: Challenges in Finding Labor and Artificial Intelligence Among Trends in the US

AETHOS Consulting Group | January 8, 2019

(January 8, 2019) – AETHOS Consulting Group's US partners have gathered their collective thought leadership and now share predictions, concerns and issues for 2019. While some of these issues transcend across borders and continents, the commentary here is geared on its impact in the United States: 1. Challenges to Finding Labor for Hospitality Services: Labor Skilled to Meet Current Travel Trends: AETHOS New York Managing Director Keith Kefgen weighs in that although lifestyle and wellness hotels have become all the rage, as every major chain is now involved, the real issue is the lack of experienced talent. "We have a plethora ...

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