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Redefining Hospitality Leadership: Kerten CEO Marloes Knippenberg on Management Philosophy and Delivering Organisational Success

Thomas Mielke | April 30, 2019

By Thomas Mielke Whilst the traditional lodging and restaurant sectors remain the cornerstones of the hospitality world as we know it today, it is undeniable that the emergence of hybrid business models has significantly impacted the space. One of those 'new players' is Kerten Hospitality – an operating vehicle for creative concepts across the boutique hotel, serviced apartment and food & beverage, as well as coworking and business members club segments. Taking the opportunity to sit down and 'talk shop' with Marloes Knippenberg, CEO of Kerten Hospitality, AETHOS explored some key leadership questions. If the hospitality indus...

Directing The Spotlight On ‘Big Data’, Technology And Sustainability

Thomas Mielke | April 1, 2019

Thomas Mielke This year's European Hospitality Industry Technology Exposition and Conference (HITEC) will be held April 9-11 in Palma de Mallorca, welcoming industry experts and delegates to inform and educate them on best practices and the latest trends that shape the community. On the agenda are topics that touch on digital transformation, integration as well as big data, data analytics, security and GDPR. Other sessions will be held on guest recognition and interaction as well as improving the employee technology experience. In essence, commerciality and business strategy are at the forefront of what will be discussed – no doub...

2019 and Lodging Technology: Is There a One-Size-Fits-All Approach?

Matt Peterson | February 1, 2019

By Matt Peterson Turning the page on another calendar year is always fun and reflective. As we look to 2019, there are some interesting trends and new technologies that should continue to impact the lodging industry. Following is a look into two specific groups, employee and customer experiences, and how we should continue to embrace technology so it can positively affect the bottom line. With higher costs and questionable growth over the next few years, employee costs and retention will continue to be a hot topic. It goes without saying that a "happy" or "satisfied" employee is more likely to stay with their employer, but how do we mak...

2019 Insights for Human Capital in Hospitality: Challenges in Finding Labor and Artificial Intelligence Among Trends in the US

AETHOS Consulting Group | January 8, 2019

(January 8, 2019) – AETHOS Consulting Group's US partners have gathered their collective thought leadership and now share predictions, concerns and issues for 2019. While some of these issues transcend across borders and continents, the commentary here is geared on its impact in the United States: 1. Challenges to Finding Labor for Hospitality Services: Labor Skilled to Meet Current Travel Trends: AETHOS New York Managing Director Keith Kefgen weighs in that although lifestyle and wellness hotels have become all the rage, as every major chain is now involved, the real issue is the lack of experienced talent. "We have a plethora ...

Reimagining Sales Leadership With Josh Lesnick, President & CEO, Associated Luxury Hotels

Andrew Hazelton | September 26, 2018

By Andrew Hazelton AETHOS recently "picked-the-brain" of Josh Lesnick, President & CEO of Associated Luxury Hotels – the parent company of Associated Luxury Hotels International (ALHI) and Worldhotels. Both are leading global hospitality services organizations that specialize in luxury-level and upper-upscale independently owned or operated hotels and resorts around the world. Associated Luxury defines success as enabling their member hotels to maintain an independent identity while competing effectively with the world's biggest hospitality chains. Lesnick is no stranger to leading complex global teams, having recently served ...

A Welcomed Metamorphosis of the Chief Human Resources Officer Function

Thomas Mielke | July 2, 2018

By Thomas Mielke In the late 19th and early 20th century, the French-American duo of mathematicians Henri Poincaré and Norbert Wiener investigated how minor changes can trigger an unpredictable chain of events that lead to significant consequences on a grander scale. This phenomenon is known today as the "Butterfly Effect" - a term coined in the mid-1970s by another American mathematician, Edward Norton. Norton was also a pioneer in "Chaos Theory", studying the behaviour of dynamical systems that are sensitive to fluctuations in their internal and external conditions. And, what are today's businesses and o...

Take A Chance

Ken Greger | May 23, 2018

By: Ken Greger Now and then, when hiring people, we as leaders are heard to say, "I'll take a chance on this person." That all seems simple enough, but it is only half the story. In fact, every time an employee joins your organization – whether or not you feel you are "taking a chance" – the truth is that every employee is taking a chance on you, on your company. They are proceeding in good faith. Have you ever considered this? Because, with this, comes a responsibility to deliver on the promise, in a fashion just as committed as your expectation of the employee. And, now that you are thinking about this perspective, ask you...

AETHOS Releases Hotel Asset Management Compensation Survey

AETHOS Consulting Group | April 2, 2018

April 2, 2018 – With survey results of more than 200 responses from asset management executives at public lodging REITS, owners and developers, asset management advisory firms and hotel management companies; AETHOS Consulting Group releases the largest study of its kind: The Hotel Asset Management Compensation Report. According to AETHOS Managing Director David Mansbach, author of the study, "The hotel industry is at an inflection point; the current industry cycle calls for flawless execution on asset preservation initiatives, Yet the supply of high performing asset management executives is at an all-time low." Mansbach adds that ...

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